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Yes, I've been wanting to make her since I first saw her, and finally I "finished" her! 
She's rehaired with a G1 Moondancer tail, plus white and pink DollyHair.  I didn't try to replicate her hairstyle since it was so short.  :huh:  She's painted with acrylics and has burgandy and white microglitter on her face.  Overall I'm pleased with her, although I think think I made her red/burgandy paint color too purply.  Maybe I'll make another of her and try to fix that  :cool:

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

You might notice that she doesn't have a symbol/cutie mark - hence why I said I "finished" her.  I didn't feel like I could tell what it looked like well enough to paint it on.  So I figure I'll add it later if we ever get a better view of it.

Each generation has its own challenges as far as bait prep, and these guys are no exception.  Prying the belly piece out is very difficult, as is cutting the head-ring out.  But I do like the ability to move the head on the ball joint instead of just rotating it. 

She's stunning!! It's so nice to see her as a brushable. I love her glittery face.

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You did a great job. I've been meaning to make one myself. I have no idea what her symbol is either?  Her glittery make-up is so pretty.

I'm not familiar with her (haven't watched the movie yet...) but she's super cute! I like the glitter :)

cute!  now she just needs her "high tech anti-mind reading hat"

love the glitter/eyes :-) you did a fabulous job she is ready for that catwalk!


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