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Do you take vitamins or supplements?

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I'm turning into my dad :lol: He has a briefcase full of vitamins and minerals. I started taking some more recently. I'm up to 7.

A couple of them were recommended by my doctor and I had to take prescription strength first (vitamin D and potassium). I take magnesium at night to stop my body jerking and twitching. In the morning I take a multivitamin, vitamin C, B12 and ginseng. The last two were what I started recently, hoping they would give me an energy boost. It's working so far!

I used to have to take iron for anemia but that's cleared up and I don't have to take it anymore. Those pills smelled so bad.

I've been thinking about vitamin E and biotin for my skin.

Do you take any supplements? What do you take them for? :)

Occasionally... No prescriptions, but up here in the north pretty much everyone should take vitamin D at least during the winter months. I take it when I remember :P Other supplements that I try to take at least every now and then include zinc (for a general immune boost as well as my nails and hair) and omega 3 / fish oil. I guess B12 wouldn't hurt either. When making food that is completely plant-based I usually try to put in some nutritional yeast which has B vitamins, folic acid etc. I eat animal products too so I don't worry about it too much.

Magnesium would be good especially when it's hot in the summer (I can't sleep and get restless feet when it's hot) but I haven't found one yet that would be easy to swallow. XD When it comes to food I have very few aversions or issues with texture, but large pills are something I can't do, and even small pills are problematic if they have a sort of chalky texture. Capsules and coated pills are usually ok... So, I stick to mineral water if I need magnesium. As for vitamins etc. I always buy chewable tablets if possible.

no prescriptions but i take vitamin c and b12. i also take melatonin to sleep and sometimes i take biotin and vitamin d. i'm not sure they do anything though. i'm overall skeptical about vitamins lately but the ones i take regularly taste good :)

Up till this year, no, but I had blood tests in June which resulted in a Vit D prescription, follow up blood tests and the admonition that I should now take Vit D, especially through the winter, as a regular thing. So now I take Vitamin D, under doctor's orders.

Otherwise, no.

The first time I went to my doctor, I was informed that I had the lowest vitamin D level he'd ever seen.

My doctor was only one year away from retirement at this time.

Needless to say, I've been taking vitamin D ever since :lookround:


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