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Opinion on unicorn horns?

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--- Quote from: Griffin on October 24, 2021, 03:36:22 PM ---However, for some reason I think MLP look best when the horn matches the rest of the body, especially as most MLP don't have distinct hooves.
--- End quote ---

You know, I think that's why I don't much care for MLPs with unmatching horn colours, too. I was looking at some non-MLP unicorn art earlier, with the horns a different colour to the body, and I wondered why it didn't bug me as much as it does with MLPs... but that must be it. You need the hooves to be a different colour too if the horn is, otherwise the horn stands out too much, I think. Looks too "tacked on".

I love medieval, lion-tailed unicorns. :lovey: Would love to see one in MLP one day. (Oooh, imagine if the G4 princesses had lion tails instead of their galaxy manes....)

Personally I don't have a number-one favorite--I actually like the variety of different Unicorn horn depictions, because it gives the suggestion that there is (or once was) a healthy and wide variety of different Unicorn sub-species. The idea that there are regional variants to the ways that different Unicorns evolved, and that this variety is the result of the great abundance of Unicorns in the wild across the realm, is a very happy and heartening thought to me! In terms of MLP I like the G1 spiraled horns best, but on other toys or animated characters or real horses, I'm down for whatever!! I once built a snow Unicorn with an icicle horn that looked pretty rad being lit up by a cell phone flash light--maybe that's the closest thing to what I'd imagine a real Unicorn (perhaps from my regional area!) looking like...?

I agree it has to match the rest of the design! I love the sharp, slender horn of the Last Unicorn, but it would look out of place on the otherwise very rounded G1. I'm also a fan of using curved horns for more mystical designs, like Mistmane in FiM :) would've liked to see a toy version of her.

Oooh I just looked up Mistmane, she's gorgeous! I'd love a toy of her, too.

I like the good old spiral unicorn horn, that looks silver to white(like pearl or ivory).  I, too, am a fan of the Last Unicorn film.  BUT!!!  But when it comes to My Little Pony, having been raised with uni's that have matching horn/body color, I like for the Little Ponies to stay that way.


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