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Opinion on unicorn horns?

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    In media, it seems there are many different takes on a unicorns horn. You can have the spiral shaped horn, a curved horn more akin to a rhinoceros horn, or curved and shaped like a branch even. You can have a horn that is the same colour as the unicorns coat, a different colour, gold, or even multicoloured. They can even be super long or short! The combinations are seemingly endless, and every unicorn who’s born has worn a horn that’s unique.
   So what’s your take on the mythical and magical unicorn horn? Do you have a preference on what shape and colour the horn should be?

Not exactly MLP, but I really love the way the unicorn's horn looks in The Last Unicorn. Long, slender, straight, spiraled, and separate from the rest of her head. I like that G5 is doing something pretty similar. The spirals engraved onto their horns is a neat touch, but I think I still prefer spiraled horns. Also wish that the horns on the toys would look more like they do on the models, instead of being the same color as the coat. Ooh, a translucent or a more crystalline horn would be pretty!

Not really picky, as long as they're long enough to actually be *visible*. Some of the G4 horns were way too tiny. Also not a huge fan of horns being coloured differently to the main body colour.

I'm also not crazy about the current "stick a horn on everything" trend x) Unicorn horns are for unicorns only!

Whether on MLP or other unicorns (artwork etc.), I like horns that are proportionate! :D  Big, bulky horns are my pet peeve but I'm also not a fan of super long slender horns. The ideal length (IMO) is about 1-1.5 x the length of the horse's head. Short, stubby horns may be cute but they always make me think of foals, so they look a little funny if on a horse/pony that's meant to be an adult. That said, I'm all for artistic freedom, and I like a variety! Classic spiral horns are my favourite, but I enjoy seeing and drawing other styles, like smooth curved horns, uneven twisted horns (think Queen Chrysalis!), branch-like horns, and so on. And while this thread is about horns, I like the variety in depictions of unicorns in general. To me, unicorns will always be first and foremost white horses with horns, and I wasn't in love with The Last Unicorn when I read the book around the age of 12-13. :D (Still haven't seen the film! I should watch it some day...) I've become more lenient since then and now enjoy pretty much all iterations, from cloven hooves to lion tails, and even a goat-like appearance. Melody Peña's (Windstone) "gothic" unicorns are some of my favourite!

I like G1 horns. G2 and G3 are fine too. G4 could've been better, they're a bit too stubby to my liking (I'm speaking of regular unicorn brushable toys here). The huge difference between the princesses and the other unicorns is a bit funny. I don't have any strong opinions about G5 horns so far... In art, I prefer natural-looking horns so the colour should be white/off-white like bone or brownish like keratin. However, for some reason I think MLP look best when the horn matches the rest of the body, especially as most MLP don't have distinct hooves. I don't like the horns that light up (G2/G3).

They're great for stabbin' stuff :bigups:

I like spiraled horns, and like Griffin, when they are proportionate.


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