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What is your favorite thing about Autumn?

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Is it the cooler weather? Changing leaves? Halloween? Pumpkin spice? :leaves:

The leaves don't change where I live. The grass turns brown... that's about it. The weather does get better. We are very dry right now and the humidity and dew point are low which makes the mid-upper 80s feel quite nice. It is hurricane season too though, so that's not fun.

I've only tried pumpkin spice coffee once, and didn't like it. It was a generic brand. I would like to try the full experience at Starbucks though. I do like pumpkin and allspice, anise, nutmeg; all those flavors. I made homemade pumpkin soup once, from a real pumpkin! I had to add "pumpkin pie filling" (which is sweet potato and not pumpkin at all) but it turned out very yummy. I always enjoyed carving pumpkins for Halloween but haven't done it in years. I would bake the seeds and salt them for a snack :)

Halloween is my favorite holiday :blackcat: I love the decorations and haunted houses. There is a part of town that decorates the entire area and each house does a display that is super intense. Most of the houses are open to wander through, so you can see the inside décor too. Some are haunted houses that have scares. Part of the neighborhood is kid friendly but there is a 16+ area too, with more gore and serious scares. Almost everyone dresses up and adults get candy too!

I love the cooler weather and the colors.  It’s my favorite season.  Halloween is fun too.  I prefer decorations and experiences that are more cute/eerie than gory. 

I also look forward to the thunderstorms.

When it comes to fall, I like everything about Halloween plus the changing of the colors on the trees...

Fall's my favorite season! Primary reason is that it's not too cold (I like spring whether a fair bit too with it being warm and not too hot, but I get allergies more then), but I also love the aesthetic of the fall leaf colors, and Halloween being my favorite holiday helps too. It's a nice season!

The weather getting cooler (Texas heat and humidity SUCK), and the Halloween decorations!! We don't get a beautiful transition to fall down here, it just rains a lot and all the leaves fall lol


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