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Is it viable to dye G4 pony hair?

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Hello, silly question but I would like to try and customize a G4 unicorn Twilight (generic, small, no forelock I have too many twilights lol) although I'm on short income right now and I'd rather not have to ship something from overseas and wait a month for it to get here.

I would want to dye the hair black with rit dye and potentially cut it to restyle it and it would feel like a waste to spend $20~ on a hair hank I'd be cutting short in several places. Would that be possible or would it not come out nicely?

Additionally, would it be possible to buy white doll hair and dye it with rit dye and have it come out nicely? I can buy white doll hair from shops locally for cheap without having to worry about long shipping times/costs.

Thank you!

I think it depends on the sort of hair. If it is truly Nylon, it should dye all right, but if it's the nasty Poly stuff from later in the line, it may turn out sour.

Given it's a unicorn Twilight it has to be earlier in the line thereby it should be nylon. Thank you!

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Don't think so, I tried dyeing a G4 movie pony's hair and it washed right out.

i would not risk it


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