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WHat's the shortest time you've ever stayed in a job?

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Artemesia's Garden:
And why... I think I may be about to beat my record of four months!

I have only ever been hired as an intern or on probation, I've never actually been a regular contractual employee anywhere.

My older brother once realized his job at Jimmy Johns was no good by the end of the week.

Probably two weeks? It was at a privately owned pet store. I was hired to clean cages and do things around the store like make sure products were neat on shelves and dusting, vacuuming, etc. I said on my application that I had no experience with cash registers and in my previous jobs at pet stores never rang up customers except for feeders because they had their own buttons on the register.

Anyway, my first day I cleaned all the rodents and bird cages. The next day my boss says I didn't clean the jumbo rat cages. Yes, yes I did. There were only two 20 gallon long aquariums and each had like 10 rats in them :huh: Waaaay too many for that small a space. So they got it dirty quick. A few more days go by. Then my boss asks me to work behind the counter helping customers. A few days later she has another employee train me to use the register. Then my job was stuck behind the counter working the register and I was completely abandoned at the front of the store.

I hated it.

Also, my boss was suspicious. She had exotic pets in the back room, including a wallaby (he was soooo sweet and loved giving hugs) but I don't think she actually had a license to sell them. She also had some ridiculous rules, like not giving the rodents things to chew on because they "pee all over it". Like... rodents NEED to chew on stuff. But her excuse was they didn't last long in the store so it was okay. She also had the small birds drinking out of bottles and didn't give them open water to bathe in. The bigger birds? Were aggressive as heck. There was always dead fish in the tanks every morning that she had people scoop out before we opened.

All in all, it was a bad place to work, and the animals suffered. When I quit, I called Fish & Wildlife and told them about the wallaby. He was such a sweet animal and was kept in a dog crate in a dimly lit area. I let him out on a leash once (that's when he hugged me) because I never saw him out of the cage and felt so sorry for him. The other employee that was there that day promised she wouldn't tell the boss, and I don't think she ever did.

I hope the animals were confiscated and my boss fined but I don't actually know what came of my phone call. A couple of years later the place closed.

I've worked a few temp jobs through agencies and stuff, but I think 6 months?


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