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Show me your most recent Nirvana purchase

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Sadly, I haven't bought one in years :(

Ah Tiki, I think after a while you "complete" your collection to some extent.

Love pkw xxx

yes that and the grails become all the harder to locate (italy blue posey and italy blue lickety will someday be found but yes, it has been years)  so meantime I did get cobra's green hair ribbon variant and painted version of baby rainbow.  I do love the resourcefulness of Top Toys that made the decision to paint - so pretty bright white :-) i love los colores vivos
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They are a gorgeous pair MCM :)

I do love those little Argie Baby Starbows :) I am missing the pink and blue one :P

It is fun that Argentina painted some of the ponies white, they always look so fresh.

Love pkw xxx

No picture, but a few weeks ago I added Piggy Peachy back into my collection! :heart: I had one years ago, and she was sadly a victim of downsizing, so I'm quite happy to add her back again. :biggrin: I don't add ponies to my collection very often these days as most of the ones I'm missing are beyond my current budget, so any time I do get a new one it is extra exciting.


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