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IDW to End Friendship is Magic Series-G1/G4 Crossover Mini-Series

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I can't actually link to the eggy daily site but here's a quote:

--- Quote ---SAN DIEGO, CA (June 21, 2021) – Since its very inception in 2012, the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic monthly comic book series from IDW has captured the hearts and minds of filly fans everywhere. Now, after almost a decade of publication, we bid a fond farewell to Friendship is Magic with September’s issue #102, the oversized conclusion of the official “Season 10” storyline that picked up where the beloved animated series left off.
But friends, never fear! Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity will return in a new series beginning in October: My Little Pony: Generations! Written by Casey Gilly and illustrated by Michela Cacciatore, the new five-issue miniseries will see the Ponies of two separate generations collide, as the familiar faces from Friendship is Magic must call upon the original G1 Ponies of the 1980s for help against a new witch threat erupting from the Volcano of Doom!
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #102, by longtime contributors Jeremy Whitley and Andy Price, delivers the long-awaited climax of the “Season 10” story arc. With the Knights of Order launching an all-out assault on Equestria, the Mane 6 must face a foe singularly focused on capturing the Elements of Harmony. It’s a good thing that they have a lot of friends, old and new, upon whom they can rely!
--- End quote ---
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Oh neat! I can’t wait to read these! Thanks for posting!

I'm positive about this - for one thing it seems to be by someone who grew up with G1 (unless I misread that part) so it's not like they're just throwing in G1s because they think that's what people would want, and they'll at least be trying to be faithful and/or respectful.

I know not everyone here likes the Concept Six being treated as the G1 "Mane Cast", because they weren't - they're just what Lauren would have used, but it kind of makes sense to use them if this is the end of the G4 comic, because, they're basically the G1 ponies that led up to the creation of the Mane Six, so... they've basically gone full circle, or something...?  I dunno, I think it's kind of beautiful.   :lovey:

I also find it a nice touch that they appear to be using Sparkler and Glory (unless I'm misunderstanding the left picture) - Sparkler is the official "Concept Rarity" (i.e. the pony Lauren would have used if she could have used the G1s), but she also got Rarity's design from Glory, so she kind of part of this as well... the unofficial "Concept Seventh" if you like, so if that's what they're doing.

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Humm okay. But will they actually get the ponies personalities correctly? Or will they be carbon copies of the Mane Suxx? 

At least both are in their respective styles.

Will they include ponies who were actually more likely to show up, like Wind Whistler,  Fizzy, Truly, Galaxy, and Shady? Or are they gonna stick with Lauren's inspirational misunderstanding? Nm that roughly half those ponies were G3 based and swapped.

Will the FiM writers actually have a fair balance,  or are they just gonna use it to take unnecessary and baseless potshots at MLP n Friends to support supposed FiM superiority?

 I'll wait and see, because I haven't been charmed by Hasbro writer's innapropriate, immature, brony humor concerning past generations.

What's the Eggy Daily?  :lol:

I’m not sure how I feel about it, but I’m interested enough I do want to read it.  :lol:


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