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The Trivial Complaints Thread... number 2!

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Here we go!

Trivial complaint...


I'm bored. I'm too tired to entertain myself but too awake to sleep

The power company told everyone in the city to go to their website and put your meter number in to find out when the planned outrage would happen in your area.  Where I live the link stated that power would go out tomorrow morning.  We were planning on having most of our electronic devices off Just before 5 tonight the power went out.   Because we weren't expecting it we had most of our electronics on at the time.

Power was restored in about 20-30 minutes and I think all of our electronics are okay. 

This morning my dad said he was locked out of his Amazon account.  I'm not sure what he did but Amazon was sending a text to his to verify that he was trying to sign in to his account.  He's not  very tech savvy and didn't realize that he needed to click the link in the text.

My car is still in the shop and it will probably be there for a quite a while.  My parents have called twice to find out the status of my car and both times no one got back to them.

There were a few times today when I just wanted to hide somewhere and cry.


I checked my email after about 2 months and found some emails asking me to finish setting up a Netflix account.  I was able to get it sorted out--according to the Netflix person I chatted with the only information on that account was an email so she wondered if someone mistyped their email in.  However, that email is not exactly easily mistaken for anything else so now I wonder if someone was trying to hack an account.  I've had my accounts hacked on other sites that use that email and I've had to change passwords/cancel accounts to fix it so part of me wonders if they got that old information off of the black web somewhere and were trying to get more information about me with it.

My PC mouse wheel keeps skipping, for lack of a better word. Like, I'll scroll up but the page will go down a few ticks before it goes up.

My PC speakers are shot. They still work but I can't control the volume.

The plugs for my GameCube and PS1 are missing. I'm also missing a bunch of AV cables. I'm going to have to buy new ones anyway for the Dreamcast and SNES because the connection is bad and the picture is fuzzy.

I was upset that I couldn't find any of my memory cards or the Dreamcast VMU. I spent a lot of time digging through bins looking for them. Finally, I checked my Gameboy Advance case and I had put all of them in there for safe keeping. I wish I had remembered I'd done that.

The TV signal for the remote is blocked due to the sound bar being in the way. I used to have a wire rack that I put the TV on to lift it above the sound bar, but I haven't unpacked those yet and don't know where they are. So while I was testing all my consoles I had to stand and point the remote down by the bottom of the TV. It was exhausting and hurt my back to test all 7 consoles while standing since I had to bend down to reach them all.

After it took so long and hurt my back hooking everything up and testing, I didn't want to play any games :(


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