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I am trying to cleanup the G1 section of www.strawberryreef.com and I want to make sure that I have given credit for any images used.  If you notice I have used one or more of your pictures and you are not credited in the contributors page here... https://www.strawberryreef.com/contributors.html please let me know asap and I will either credit you or remove it if you would not like it to be used.  I know in my research days, I often would save off pictures but forget to note where they came from and I definitely want to credit anyone that is willing to contribute their pictures.  Images also will state the owner when hovered over them.  If you notice yours doesn't or has an incorrect owner, please let me know.  Everything has been manually inputted and that unfortunately leaves room for mistakes

In addition, if you notice that an image is needed or if you believe you have a better quality image of a pony I have on the site, I would love any picture donations.  Pictures in focus with hair not covering the symbols and with plain white background are preferred.  Please email pics to strawberryreef@gmail.com

Images used and needed can be found in each section here... https://www.strawberryreef.com/Index/G1/G1index.html

I appreciate your consideration and all your help to make this a great resource for all pony lovers.

Please do not be offended if you don't get a willing response.
I've heard a lot of hurt feelings are rising that you have begun to use work gathered over many years without credit given and it's all for you/your sites benefit.


--- Quote from: Loa on May 10, 2021, 11:38:47 AM ---Please do not be offended if you don't get a willing response.
I've heard a lot of hurt feelings are rising that you have begun to use work gathered over many years without credit given and it's all for you/your sites benefit.

--- End quote ---

I sincerely apologize.  It was never my intention to use anyone's pictures without crediting them or to take credit for someone else's work.  The website was only ever created to benefit other collectors.  I purposely do not have any ads nor have I ever received any compensation for the years spent on the site or the yearly website fees so I'm not sure how people would think it is all for my benefit?

My only hope was to correct any pictures that I have used without permission or to credit the person.  I am completely willing to take down any pictures or content someone is not ok with me using and I really hope someone will contact me if that is the case since that was the main point of my post.  A lot of my notes of where images came from and what permissions were given have been lost over the years.  I have been trying to maintain a spreadsheet to make sure people are credited.

If you know specific people that were hurt by this, I would ask that you please message me so I can try to make amends or determine which pictures were used without permission so I can take them down.  It breaks my heart to think that I have offended anyone when my intention was trying to help the community.

Thank you for posting Strawberry Reef :hug:

I understand you want your website to the very best it can and you have put many hours into creating it. Sometimes you get mixed up with who donated what, I have done that, or to use a picture you saved off eBay or a post on Facebook as a "gap filler". I have had that temptation with the Nirvana Gallery, especially with the super rare ponies, but I remember I have to be correct and courteous in my behaviour  :angel: After working so hard to gather all the images for your website, it is just not worth creating sourness towards yourself or your website by using images without permission. In the community, people usually find out in the end.

I have come to accept that the Nirvana Gallery is forever a work in progress, and that is ok :think:

It is also ok to ask, drop someone a message, I don't think I have ever had anyone say "no" to adding an image to the Nirvana Gallery.

Love pkw xxx

I don't think SR has any of my pictures, but I think it's good that there's an intent to clean up the issue - you can't undo what's done but you can try and make things right. However I do understand what Loa is saying - I've had pony photos (and large sections of my website text, once) stolen for websites and ebay auctions and it's upsetting because these are parts of someone's collection, often - maybe with an emotional connection as well. I understand about losing records, especially over a long period of time. It can absolutely happen. I now save donated images with the donator name in the filename, since I lost a bunch of mine when I moved web servers. Some of which I will never now be able to use :/

 People are also really great about donating images. I have folders and folders of images from people just wanting to help out, seriously. It's okay to ask.

I will say too that my priority is the information. It irked me somewhat to see a new G5 section while the G1 section has been misinforming the internet for the best part of what, ten years now? I'm glad you're looking at this but it should have been the priority before you touch anything new.

I'll also echo PKW, that it's okay to not have everything. It's just that what you have you should make sure you do robustly.

Edit - coming back on this rereading what Loa said, I'm not sure if she meant pictures or also information.

My take on this is that information is there to be shared, but not taken wholesale. Frankly, there are some details I'd be overjoyed to see on mainstream sites, regardless of whether they originated in my research. But I also think it's good to talk to the source of information where you can, and ask what is okay to use.


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