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Candy Cane pony adoptables!

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Let's drop a new adoptable for all of y'all ;) The example is the signature-sized image; I'll also give you the larger image!


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1. Please only request one pony per round. You can request another the next round if you like.
2. I can add accessories like shown on the example, but please keep it simple!
3. Hasbro ponies are for everyone; OC ponies are only for the requester. Please don't steal from the nice people here.
4. Enjoy!


Pony Name:
Pony Species:
Pony Reference:
Eye Sparkle Colour:
Anything you want to add?:
Are you excited for G5?:

Requests: OPEN


Finished Requests:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Oooh these are so cute!! I would like one if that's alright :)
Pony Name: Season 1 Princess Luna
Pony Species: Alicorn
Pony Reference:
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Eye Sparkle Colour: White
Anything you want to add?: Can't think of anything!
Are you excited for G5?: Yes!!

I think It's Trixiebelle's turn to get an adoptable.
She's an Earth G2
This is her pic on Moonbreeze's site:
her eye gem is pink, so a pink eye sparkle would do her so well.
I'd love an aqua ribbon in her tail, & if you could add her hat &/or collar I'd like that, as reference. However if not just let me know & do her without hat & collar.

As for G5, I won't judge it until I see it.

starrynights, Ponybookworm, yours are finished! :lovey:

OMH Trixiebelle's wearing her collar!!! So cute!!!


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