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Commission an Artist - 2021!

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This thread is for members who accept commissions to put down their commission information. Please only make one post, you can edit your information using the edit button.

If you would like to C&P your info from the previous "Commission Artist" thread you can find it here:,283444.0.html

"MLP Arena is not promoting any certain artists. This thread is only for your convenience and the artists. If you're thinking about commissioning an artist to assist you, we suggest that you check out references, look at their previous work, come to terms on price, etc."

You should include:
Screen Name
Commission Status (open or closed)
Links to examples of your work
Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings)
Pricing Details
Shipping Details
Payment Details
Links to any customs currently for sale

Please post links to samples of your work and not actual pictures.

Screen Name: ChocolateStarfire
Email: bambiraptor_feinbergi at yahoo dot com
Commission Status (open or closed): Open
Links to examples of your work: My Custom Ponies
Specialties, if any (ie, sculpted work, photo-realism, flutter wings): Sculpts to a minimum (clothing, wings, horn); I love unique color schemes for MLPs and 90s color palettes! No copywritten characters, please! I work best with G1, G3 and G4 ponies, although a G2 would pose an interesting challenge!
Pricing Details: $30 minimum for reworked symbol/eyes and full reroot; $50 minimum for fbr, reroot
Shipping Details: Add $15 to the base total for shipping in the US; outside of US $20 and up depending on your country
Payment Details: Please email me for a quote and payment info, if you're interested! My turn around time is 2-4 weeks for most custom MLPs, and you will need to fill out a contract and pay at least half the total cost upfront before the work begins. If you require a specific MLP base or hair color, you will need to provide that info/materials prior to me starting the customization process, or I will use what I have on hand to create your desired pony. I use Doll Planet hair for my reroots and Liquitex/Apple Barrel acrylics for the repaints. FBRs are coated with DuraClear sealant.
Links to any customs currently for sale: My Etsy page

(Updated November 2021!)

Screen Name
aintnobuffalo or mlp_aintnobuffalo


Commission Status
Open, but currently slow turn around time do to pandemic-related issues

Links to examples of your work

G4 and related variations (but can do any gen), older gen to G4, Hasbro style, lighting, hair styling
Pricing Details
Starting at $15 plus pony cost for simple hairstyle and/or cleaning. Starting at $45 for simple custom without full body repaint. +$20 for full body repaint. +$5 for every hair color after two hair colors. Other price increases are associated with painting complexity, sculpting, lighting, styling, reposing, supplies needed, or base/bait rarity.

Shipping Details
Shipping based in US. Prefer $15 as a flat rate for US shipping. Price to be determined by USPS for international.

Payment Details
PayPal only at this time. Message me for a quote. Full payment upfront. Shipping can be paid upon completion, if commissioner prefers.

Links to any customs currently for sale
None at this time

Screenname: littletulula/xcuteikinz
Commissions are: Open!
Mediums: Digital

Work examples:

Payment methods and pricing:

* Sketch: $10 (+$5 per extra character)
* Flat Colors: $15 (+$10 per extra character)
* Shaded Artwork: $30 (+$15 per extra character)
* Painting: $50 (+$30 per extra character)Shipping: n/a
Other important stuff (if any): Check my website for more examples of my art as well as additional information regarding commissions.


visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Screen Name : Roogna

Email : roogna13 @
or PM me

Commission Status : OPEN

Links to examples of your work

Prices depend on what you want. Please ask for a quote. I can take payments.

My specialties include full body repaints (FBR), hand-painted symbols, airbrushing, rehairing, sculpting, adding twinkle eyes (TE), and more!
I can do restorations and Hasbro replicas, but I prefer to do unique customs.
I work with all Gens

Shipping Details : I ship worldwide, buyer pays for shipping

Payment Details : paypal

customs currently for sale:


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