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Author Topic: Price check on 2nd hand lot  (Read 293 times)

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Price check on 2nd hand lot
« on: November 26, 2020, 08:47:21 AM »
I found this lot of ponies and accessories in the wild, and was hoping to get some help with the worth of it.  :heart: What are each pony/dragon worth? And the accessories?
Thankful for the help

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Offline MintyMyndi

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Re: Price check on 2nd hand lot
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2020, 03:31:56 PM »
I'm no expert on prices, but I'll go ahead and ID what you have here.

The two on the far right are fakies, but that doesn't mean they're cheap! They're stolen-mold copies of Takara Kawaii Pony babies, and some of the higher quality ones at that. I've heard that they're in the $60 range a few years ago, but don't know if that holds true today. Of the two, the yellow one would probably be the more popular, as she shares her color scheme with a real Kawaii Pony, Popo.

The white unicorn with red hair is Moondancer. She's relatively common, but yours appears to be exceptionally white and have nice symbols. The blue shooting star brush is hers.

The pegasus is Surprise. She's also pretty common, very white, and has nice symbols. Her comb is that purple moon comb. My mom had her as a kid and ID'd her based on her hair color and that comb, whose teeth she used to fidget with. Neither she nor Moondancer were officially released in the UK, where your lot seems to come from.

The white unicorn with blue hair is Majesty. She's pretty common, but yours has nice symbols. There is some head/body mismatch, but there are ways to fix it. I can't tell if that's a cancer spot on her face, which would definitely impact her value. She came with the Dream Castle (which I think is in the background), which also came with Spike, the dragon with the green spines, and many of the accessories you have here, including the damsel cap, blue throne and mirror, yellow hoops, yellow basket and basket crank, yellow horseshoes and blue horseshoe box.

The lavender unicorn is Princess Sparkle, or, more appropriately in this case, Princess Amethyst. The former is her name in the US, and the latter in the UK. The reason I say she's the UK version is due to the presence of her dragon, whose name I THINK is Spiny (don't quote me on that!). The glittery comb and wand seem to belong to her, but I'm no expert on princess accessories. I do know that princess accessories are not cheap, nor are the dragons due to their geographical exclusivity. Princess Ponies themselves, at least from the first wave like her, tend to go for $30+ on their own. I got my Princess Sparkle for $0.49, but that was a lucky thrift find!

The orange baby is Baby Applejack, a UK exclusive baby for a popular character. She's probably decently common in her home country, but is probably quite sought after outside of it. The purple-rimmed bottle, stack toy (with all its pieces!), playpen, bear brush, and BABY necklace seem to belong to her, making her only missing accessories her bib, diaper, and diaper box! Not bad at all!

The all-pink baby is Baby Cotton Candy. She's also quite common and sadly quite sun-damaged. Her hair should be a bright bubblegum pink, but it at least doesn't seem to be completely white, which is all too common with this shade. The yellow bottle belongs to her.

Finally, the pinkish-lavender baby with aqua hair is Baby Half Note. In the US, this version was only available through mail order, but in the UK, she came with the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. It should be noted that there are two variants: one with aqua eyes like you have, and one with purple eyes. I don't know what impact that would have on her price. Her symbol can bleed, but yours hasn't; she's actually in pretty good shape! None of the accessories seem to belong to her playset.

I hope that helps!
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Re: Price check on 2nd hand lot
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2020, 04:04:28 PM »
main value is your purple dragon prickles and his princess pony amethyst as they are a UK set.

Do you know if she comes with her hat and wand? Is that her comb?

That dragon alone can get pricey in the 50-100 range so anything in that range for the whole lot would be a good deal IMO

all the best!
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loves me dem green ponies


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Re: Price check on 2nd hand lot
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2020, 04:59:01 PM »
The all-purple dragons is indeed Spiny!!! And he goes wi Princess Amethyst. Add that wand & glittery comb to the lot & you'll have a good deal of interest.
Baby Applejack also has many of her accessories, which will up her value
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Offline zzzova

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Re: Price check on 2nd hand lot
« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2020, 10:54:00 AM »
Thank you all for the help full comment!

Does anyone know the pricing on the Dream Castle accessories?  :biggrin:


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