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Author Topic: Share your favorite ponies!  (Read 734 times)

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Re: Share your favorite ponies!
« Reply #15 on: November 24, 2020, 04:33:02 PM »
I have a new appreciation for Heart Throb and Seashell. I admit, when there was those "Choose your favorite/least favorite ____ pony", I chose Heart Throb as my least favorite pegasus and Seashell as my least favorite earth pony. Now, I still like Medley, Firefly, and Surprise better than Heart Throb BUT I do love my Heart Throb's silky dark pink hair (I know you can't feel it, but her hair is so SILKY SMOOTH!)

As for Seashell, I voted her least favorite because I hadn't obtained her yet, but I absolutely love her purple and green colors together. I think not being in the RaMC special was a point against her since Apple Jack, Bowtie, and Bubbles were. I wonder why they chose to "cast" Cotton Candy instead of Seashell? Maybe her pink and pink colors were just easier to draw?  :shrug: I also love Lickety Split, Tootsie, Posey, and Cherries Jubilee, so yeah, unfortunately Seashell got the raw deal. But now I absolutely love her and if I had to pick a least favorite earth pony, I guess it would be Peachy? IDK! But I don't think she was a choice in the poll. Oh, and I think I picked Applejack as my favorite because she's a childhood pony, so she has the nostalgia factor for me, but I would probably change my favorite earth pony to Cherries Jubilee. She's another one I love.

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I've had this happen with several ponies...ones I thought weren't that exciting until I got them; TE Skyrocket was one I voted least favorite, and then I ended up getting her in a lot that I bid on because of a couple of other ponies in it that I had wanted, but Skyrocket was my favorite of the bunch! I also voted Curly Locks last on the BnG poll, but she was surprisingly stunning once I actually got her. It helped, I suppose, that both ponies were in really great shape with nice hair.

I don't have Seashell yet, once I do get her I hope I like her more too; I'm trying to order some of the MLP Hallmark tree ornaments for my 3 kids this year (I buy them each an ornament every year, and this is the 'year of the pony'), and Seashell is the cheapest one. I already bought Firefly, and I missed out on an auction for Cotton Candy yesterday. Applejack and Seashell are available on Amazon because AJ is the current one and Seashell was last year's, but I have a hard time getting Seashell...maybe because I just don't see her as being as iconic as the others for some reason. I like her colors and the cute blaze on her forehead, but I didn't know Seashell as a kid (not sure why, she must have been around, she just wasn't pictured in the pamphlets I had and was no longer in stores by the time I got into ponies I guess). I'll get her if I can't get my hands on CC, but the kids would likely fight over who got the other 2, because they don't know her either.

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Re: Share your favorite ponies!
« Reply #16 on: November 25, 2020, 04:20:46 AM »
I know her pal Firefly gets more rep, but I find Medley to be a pleasant shade of green, and very gorgeous  :)

Medley is gorgeous! I love her too.

I also love Glory and bubbles in common with Brightberry.
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