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We already have a thread for all the weird pony dreams we've had, but how about a thread for regular non-pony-related weird dreams? I had one last night.

The earliest thing I remember from the dream was me watching a movie about a widowed father and his teenage son moving to a new seaside home. For some reason I checked the movie's page on IMCDB and I saw two screencaps of the title scene, both featured station wagon / van type cars. When I saw the actual scene in the movie itself, however, it turned out they were actually driving a red 80s convertible. The son was complaining that he didn't want to move and that he had to leave all his friends behind, to which the father replied that he would make new friends. Then the scene switched to the son standing by the edge of a seaside cliff overlooking the beach, it turned out he had dug a huge vertical semi-round groove along the cliff's entire height to practice chimney climbing or something, which he was allowed to do since their seaside property stretched beyond the cliff and across the beach all the way to the shore line. Then suddenly I became that boy seeing everything from first person's view, and instead of climbing down the groove I was sitting on top of a ledge adjacent to the cliff that went all the way to the bottom but its top was just slightly below the cliff's top so I had to step down a little to get to it. After a moment I twisted my upper body and climbed back on top of the cliff. Then I sat on the ledge again and as I looked down to the beach below with my legs handing off the edge, I realized how tall the cliff was and that if I fell I would be done for. I thought about how dangerous it was for me to sit there and then I realized I wasn't supposed to be sitting on the ledge, I was supposed to be practicing climbing down the chimney, and I resolved to focus only on that from now on. I twisted my upper body again to go back to safety, but as I put my hands on the top of the cliff to pull myself up I realized I couldn't. I was scared to turn back towards the sea out of fear I would lose balance and fall, and started wondering what to do. I thought about calling dad for help, but I figured it would be a bad idea because I could potentially cause him to fall off the cliff to his doom. I decided I could probably try to hold on to the things on the ground in front of me like shrubs or roots or something, but in the end I just ended up grabbing the grass growing on top of the cliff, which then started rolling up and I realized that it had turned into a huge carpet. Then I didn't know what else to do, and soon after I woke up.

i keep a dream journal :)

Miniature Sheep:
I had an odd dream last night/this morning, probably as a result of planning to play Everybody's Gone to the Rapture again, as I like the way it handles the themes of family and community, existential/cosmic/sci-fi horror and idyllic countryside life. There was gold light swooping around and talk of a quarantine; the key difference is that it was in a massive, mostly empty and darkened warehouse kind of building, rather than a rural village and farmland. There isn't much I can remember in detail other than noise and panic, it was really unpleasant. To be honest, after that, I'm thinking of playing something else that's less likely to give me nightmares. XD

I have some recurring dreams. One is, I'm in a rainforest and I'm either smaller than a frog, or the frogs are big enough to ride. They're all very colorful like poison dart frogs. There are huge leaves (or regular leaves and I'm tiny) that are like waterslides. I'm either riding around on the frogs or sliding down the leaves. I've had this dream since I was a kid.

The other recurring dreams are similar to each other: In one I'm in a huge concrete basement/warehouse/underground bunker. There are corridors going off in all directions. It's dark, with only a few bare lightbulbs on the ceiling. I don't know which hallway to go down but I pick one and keep walking. It's just a bare hallway and I just keep walking.

The second is I'm in a two story house. It's not a familiar house. There's a staircase. I go up the staircase to the second floor, and end up on the first floor. I go up the staircase again, and again I'm back on the first floor. It keeps repeating and I can never get to the second story.

I've been taking Nyquil before bed so I won't cough in my sleep and sometimes I have very strange vivid dreams after I take it.  I had a really weird one the other day but I don't remember it now.

Sometimes I dream that I'm in whatever anime I have been watching.  Not too long ago I dreamed I was in Diamond no Ace. It's like I'm watching an episode of the series though because even though I'm in their world I don't usually interact with the characters but I can see everything that is happening to them and react to it.



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