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Author Topic: ISO lots + so softs to deflock + hair!!  (Read 356 times)

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ISO lots + so softs to deflock + hair!!
« on: September 25, 2020, 09:54:22 PM »
*** US ONLY ***

UPDATE - I NEED HAIR!! And I mean quite a bit of hair. Please DON'T contact me with enough for just 2-3 ponies. Looking for at least enough for 10 ponies, but would prefer A LOT more than that. Even willing to buy actual G1 tails if you have multiple.

I'm interested in purchasing lots/bundles
This will be most weeks

Very few requirements, but read all of them please!!!

THIS WEEK'S LIMIT --- not sure yet

I can spend A LITTLE over my limit, but remember I have to already spend extra on shipping, so I usually won't pay much over the limit. Will consider spending less if the price is worth it for the quantity. If it says "still looking - no", that means I've hit my limit for this week. BUT you can contact me if willing to hold for the following week. ONLY contact if you'll hold.

I'll keep one of each that I don't have + swap out any that are better condition. The rest will be restored and resold.
I need to be able to make whatever I spent on the pony + profit
*** so only looking for people selling lots at lot prices ***

Unfortunately the people I usually go through can't keep up with how frequently I buy (usually weekly). I'm perfectly happy with a one time purchase, but would love to find someone to purchase from multiple times!

- holes
- missing horn, ear, etc. (basically: no holes)
- serious pindot mold
- serious mold in general
- so soft ponies that are so stained they can only be customized (not worth the time to deflock just to customize it after)

I'm also okay with bait ponies that could only be used for customizing if they're just $1 or $2 each

Most will be restored and resold
So I'm NOT interested in ONLY bait ponies
Need to have some in good quality condition

I'm gonna sound crazy, but I actually enjoy deflocking! So I would love to have more ponies to deflock. Can NOT have serious body stains though. As stated above, it's not worth the time or the products/cost to deflock a pony just to customize it. But if only issue is the flocking and MINOR issues, that's fine!

* because I already have so many, and they just don't sell well. When they do sell, it isn't for much
- Baby Cuddles
- Baby Tiddly Winks
- BBE Baby Lofty
- Sundance
- Bow Tie
- Glory (unless excellent condition)
- Moondancer (unless excellent condition)
- Majesty (unless excellent condition)

*** PICTURES ARE A MUST. Must be able to send photos of the ponies on each side + explain any major flaws. I DON'T need individual pictures. Group photos are fine!

Please comment or send me a message with ALL of the following:

--- a list of the ponies available
--- asking price IF under or close to this week's limit (see top of post for this week's limit)
--- If you have so many that it's quite a bit over this week's limit, just send a list and I can pick some out but ALSO include the price if I bought everyone. I might save this week's money and buy next week + it gives me an idea of what you want per pony
--- where I can go for photos, or a phone number to text to receive the photos is fine

Questions? Just ask!

*** US ONLY ***
Due to wanting decent sized amounts, shipping would easily be over $50, so unless you are selling good+ quality ponies for $1 or $2 each, it wouldn't be worth it at this time. I will be looking for ponies in Europe in a few months, which will be picked up in person. I'll edit this when that time is closer.
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Re: ISO anyone! Especially \\\"baity\\\" so softs!
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2020, 05:02:33 AM »
I have already got my lots for the week, and most likely for next week as well. However I am still really searching for so soft ponies that need to be deflocked so I will consider purchasing additional lots if it contains so soft ponies in need of deflocking.

Post Merge: October 01, 2020, 05:11:34 AM

oh! And updated with a need for hair! Or even G1 tails  :biggrin:

Post Merge: October 01, 2020, 09:06:47 PM

really need doll hair and/or actual G1 tails  :biggrin:
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