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Author Topic: I rank the poses of baby ponies! (and Flutter ponies!)  (Read 513 times)

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I rank the poses of baby ponies! (and Flutter ponies!)
« on: September 19, 2020, 07:31:48 PM »
Well, I said I would rank the baby pony poses after I ranked the adult pony poses (which can be found here:,399508.0.html), so here it is! I am doing a separate ranking of baby boy ponies and newborn ponies. This ranking will not include the Drink and Wet ponies or the baby ballerina ponies since they’re their own unique poses.

1. Baby Fifi Pose - This has a similar look to the Posey pose where the pony appears to be trotting. And if I ranked the Posey pose as my number one earth pony pose (and it’s my number one pony pose overall), then I have to rank this number one for my favorite baby pony pose. Other ponies in this pose include Baby Tic Tad Toe, Baby Splashes, Baby Love Melody, and Baby Pineapple.

2. Baby Blossom Pose - I think this pose is really cute. The head is raised high and she’s taking a step forward as thought the baby is trying to nuzzle her mother (or perhaps trying to get a drink of milk?) Other ponies in this pose include Baby Cotton Candy, Baby Bows, and Baby Bright Bouquet.

3. Baby Glory Pose - So I might be biased since Baby Glory and Baby Moondancer were my first two baby ponies, but I do think this is a cute pose. It looks like the pony is about to take a step forward and her head is tilted, almost inquisitively. Other ponies in this pose include Baby Noddins, Baby Glider, and Baby Lucky Leaf.

4. Baby Surprise Pose - here the pony is just standing straight on all fours, but it’s pretty cute how the head is cocked. Other ponies in this pose include Baby Firefly, Baby Pockets, and Baby Brightbow.

5. Baby Bouncy Pose - this pose has the right foot bent as though the pony is flexing its muscles, about to run (or about to fly since this is pose is used for baby pegasus ponies). Other ponies in this pose include. Baby North Star, Baby Graffiti, Baby Milky Way, and Baby Dots ’n Hearts.

6. Beddy Bye Eye Pegasus Pose - I guess each species of beddy bye eye ponies got their own pose and this is the one Baby Lofty and Baby Heart Throb, the only two beddy bye eye pegasus baby ponies, are in. It’s very similar to the Surprise pose where the head is turned to the side and the right front hoof is bent. Now (adult) Heart Throb is in this pose so she matches her baby, but (adult) Lofty is not…interesting….(Huh. I just realized I ranked the three baby pegasus poses all in a row!)

7. Baby Cuddles Pose - This reminds me of a newborn foal trying to walk for the first time; there’s a bit of awkwardness to the pose where the back legs are splayed apart and the front leg are extended forward. There’s just something endearing about it. Other ponies in this pose include Baby Tiddlywinks (non-BBE) and Baby Half Note (non-BBE).

8. Baby Quackers Pose - Another cute baby pose where the pony is taking a step forward and has her head lifted and turned to the left a bit. Other ponies in this pose include Baby Crumpet and Baby Nightcap.

9. Baby Ember Pose - a fairly simple pose where the pony is standing on all fours and has her head turned to the right. Sometimes simplicity is all your need. Other ponies in this pose include Baby Starflower, Baby Fleecy, and Baby Blue Ribbon.

10. Baby Lollipop Pose - this is pretty similar to the Baby Ember pose with a twee bit of the Baby Glory pose thrown in. This is the pose I’m least familiar with as it was released in 1994, a few years after I’d grown too old for MLPs and the ponies who are in this pose, also including Baby Lollipop, were not sold in North America.

11. Beddy Bye Eye Earth Pony Pose - I don’t know, I’m not a fan of this pose. I think it’s the open mouth with the blinking eyes that makes it extra weird. If this pony didn’t have the beddy bye eyes or the open mouth, I don’t think I’d mind it that much. Ponies in this pose include (obviously) all the beddy bye eye earth baby ponies including Baby Tiddlywinks, Baby Sundance, Baby Lickety Split, and Baby Shady.

12. Beddy Bye Eye Unicorn Pose -  This pose is ranked last because I owned Baby Frosting and BBE Baby Ribbon, who are in this pose and they would always fall over; Baby Ribbon was particularly bad. I often just had her posed in the swing, bathtub, or crib that came with the Lullaby Nursery so I wouldn’t have to deal with her! I do appreciate what they were going for: it looks like the pony is about to charge with her front right leg bent as though she’s stomping the ground and her head bent down and her horn ready to spear anything in its way. Unfortunately they gave her an open mouth which just must the pose look weird. The other pony in this pose includes BBE Baby Gusty. I much prefer the Play and Care Baby Ribbon and Gusty who are in the Baby Glory pose, but, alas, they were never available to me when I was growing up.

My ranking of the Baby Boy Pony Poses:

1. Baby Whirly Twirly Pose - I think this is really cute the way the front right leg is bent; it almost looks like the pony is getting ready to leap over something. Baby Leaper and Baby Drummer are also in this pose.

2. Baby Boy Pose - This one is just the pony standing on all four with the head slightly raised and tilted. Cute, but not too exciting. Ponies in this pose include Lucky, Clipper, and the baby boy ponies from the family pony sets.

3. Baby Ribbs Pose - To me, this looks very similar to the Baby Boy Pose. Baby Paws and Baby Racer are also in this pose.

4. Baby Countdown Pose - I should like this pose because it’s at least giving us some more variety and the pony looks like he’s walking, but it really doesn’t do anything for me. Honestly, none of the baby boy poses (except for the first one) really excite me. Baby Waddles is the other pony in this pose.

My ranking of newborn pony poses:

1. Tappy Pose - I think it’s so adorable how the pony has her little rump in the air and it looks like she’s about to pounce on something. Toppy is also in this pose.

2. Peeks Pose - Very cute how the pony’s front right leg is raised up as though she’s trying to take her first step or trying to get attention from one of her parents as thought she’s about to paw at them.  Sniffle is also in this pose.

3. Yoyo Pose -  this makes the newborn pegasus pony (also featured on Speckles and Bunkie; what kind of names are those anyway?) look like they’re learning to fly. The right legs are extended forward and the back legs are extended back.

4. Newborn Bouncy pose - a pose I wasn’t familiar with because this pony wasn’t sold in North America (and plus it came out in the early ‘90s when I wasn’t playing with MLP anymore). The pose is kind of a combination between the Tappy and Yoyo poses.

5. Shovels Pose and Sandcastle Pose (tied) - these two poses look exactly the same to me; maybe if I had the physical ponies right in front of me, I could see the difference. I think the difference is one has the right leg extended forward and the other has the left leg extended forward. Both heads are tilted up. Other ponies in the Shovels Pose include Jabber, Wiggles, and Rattles. Other ponies in the Sandcastle Pose include Tattles, Snookums, and Jebber. Is it me or do the newborn ponies have some of the worst names? Are they just making up words? Jebber? What is that?

7. Dibbles Pose - This pose was only used for newborn twin ponies Nibbles and Dibbles, the set that I owned, so they get points just for that, ha! Not a very exciting pose, but it’s cute how their heads are looking down shyly.

8. Dangles Pose - This pose looks like the pony is learning to walk with the right front hoof slightly extended forward and the back left leg slightly extended back. Other ponies in this pose include Jangles, Doodle, and Milkweed.

9. Shaggy Pose - Just a straightforward pose of the pony standing on all fours and looking forward. There aren’t any poses that I really dislike but this one is the least exciting, so therefore I ranked it last. Other ponies in this pose include Tumbleweed, Noodles, Sleep Tight, and Puddles.

I plan to rank the flutter pony poses sometime in the future, but I also have an idea for something else (pony related, of course!) to rank which I’m really excited to work on and share with you guys.

ETA: Here is my ranking of the Flutter pony poses.

1. Honeysuckle Pose - You know I love it when it looks like the pony is trotting/running, so not surprisingly, this is my favorite Flutter pose. Other flutters (is that the correct term? Or are they just called ponies as well?) in this pose include Peach Blossom and my childhood Flutter, Forget-Me-Not.

2. Wing Song Pose - I have to rank this as my second favorite Flutter pose because my favorite childhood Flutter pony, Tropical Breeze, is in this pose! Plus, I really do like the pose. There’s a bit of an attitude to it as if the pony has been walking, then stops and turns her head to be all, “Oh, are you admiring me?” while sightly arching her left hoof.

3. Rosedust Pose - Pretty straightforward pose with the pony standing on all fours and looking slightly to the right. Other Flutters in this pose include Lily, Morning Glory, Hollywood, and Yum Yum.

4. Cloud Puff Pose - Perhaps this is ranked my least favorite because I don’t own any Flutters in this pose so I’m the least familiar with it. I guess the pose is supposed to look like the pony is flying, but I don’t know if I quite get that. The other Flutters in this pose are Wind Drifter and Pink Dreams.
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Re: I rank the poses of baby ponies!
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2020, 08:24:11 PM »
Ooh, I loved doing that post you made and I looked forward to this one! I'm only ranking the ones I'm familiar with, so I'm leaving out the boys' poses, as I never owned one and even though I see pictures online, it's still hard for me to tell them apart.

1. Baby Glory pose. I just think this pose is so adorable, and Baby Moondancer was the first baby pony I ever saw when my sister got her for a birthday present and was the pony that made me so enamored of ponies in the first place.

2. Baby Ember pose. The blue baby Ember was one of my favorites as a kid ( although I didn't know her name was Ember, I called her Lucky) after my friend gave me her Ember pony when I had to be hospitalized. I've always loved any pony in that pose.

3. Baby Blossom pose. Baby Blossom was my first baby pony. I love how she looks like she is looking lovingly up at an adult pony.

4. Baby Fifi pose. I'd like it a lot better if all ponies in this pose didn't have that stupid tooth poking out, but I do love the walking adult pose and it's cute that they made a baby version.

5. Baby Surprise pose. There's something slightly awkward about it to me with the head tilt, but it's nostalgic for me, as Babies Surprise and Firefly were cherished childhood ponies.

6. Beddy bye unicorn pose. Baby Ribbon is one of my favorite ponies ever, and her pose isn't that bad for a BBE pony. Agree that they don't stand up, though, and would love to find Babies Ribbon and Gusty in the Playand Care set pose someday.

7. Baby Cuddles pose. My sister and I each had Baby Cuddles; I had the BBE one and she had this one. We pretended they were twins, and hers was a boy because we always thought this pose looked masculine for some reason.

8. Baby Quackers pose. It looks slightly awkward to me, but it's not the worst. Baby Lickety Split was made in both this pose and the BBE earth pose, and I much prefer this version, despite the hated tooth.

9. BBE earth pony pose. This one was just so generic to me, maybe because it seemed overused that year...all the playset babies got stuck with this one, and all except for Baby Shady are all redundant, insipid colors, so they all blend together a bit to me. I find it disappointing that Baby Lickety Split, being the dynamic star of the 1986 movie, was made in this bland pose.

10. Baby Bouncy pose. Again, I'd probably like it better if it didn't have the tooth, but I had Baby Bouncy and never liked her for some reason, so any other pony they ever made in that pose just reminded me of her.

11. Baby Lofty pose. Glad they only used this one for 2 ponies. I dislike the adult Surprise pose, and this just looks like a baby version of it, plus with the added insult of beddy bye eyes added. This is another one that tips over easily.

I won't rank them because they are all pretty cute...I'll just say that my favorites are Peeks' and Yoyo's poses, and my least favorite is Nibbles/Dibbles because they are looking down, which made them hard to play with for me (I still loved them though!). Honorable mention for least favorite is Tappy, but I think I would really like the pose on a different colored pony; she just looks like a little piglet with her pose and color combination.

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Re: I rank the poses of baby ponies!
« Reply #2 on: September 20, 2020, 01:54:12 AM »
I really enjoyed reading this. <3

I think the Baby Moondancer pose would be number one for me.  Love it!
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Re: I rank the poses of baby ponies!
« Reply #3 on: October 05, 2020, 12:55:05 AM »
I really enjoyed reading this. <3

I think the Baby Moondancer pose would be number one for me.  Love it!
yeah baby moondancer is #1 for me too :)
then baby surprise, next is baby cuddles then baby quackers, all the rest is too hard especially the new borns all so cute
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Re: I rank the poses of baby ponies! (and Flutter ponies!)
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2020, 08:26:05 PM »
If you scroll down my original post, I've now added my ranking of the Flutter ponies.

Now I am going to work on a new ranking that is pony related. I am very excited about this one and think it will be a lot of fun!

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Re: I rank the poses of baby ponies! (and Flutter ponies!)
« Reply #5 on: October 08, 2020, 10:41:38 PM »
Ah, I actually like the cloud puff pose the best, it's the only pose where it looks even vaguely like the pony is airborne!  But I agree in loving honeysuckle's pose as well  :)
Thanks to Shimmlight for the new avatar image  :biggrin:


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