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It's been a while since we had one of these!

What are you currently working on? How's it going? Feel free to discuss your current WIPs, plans for future customs, vent, share your success stories and tips & tricks, whatever comes to mind.

I have three ponies in progress at the moment. One is the Monochrome swap pony, one is for a private trade (just finished the sculpting on that one, I'm excited to move on to painting!), and one is probably the most dragged-out art project I've ever had, a custom I started in 2010. :rofl: I've shared some WIP pics of that one along the way, don't have one at hand to post here but I recently shared pics in some Facebook groups. As soon as I finish the sculpting on the swap pony I can streamline my process and prime all of them for painting. :)

I should also start designing a pony for a friend - I gave her a "gift card" as a birthday or Christmas present years ago, promising to make her a custom pony. She recently reminded me about this so I guess I must finally come through  :P

Let's see... I'm looking into prospective dolls to do a custom Danny that matches Megan and Molly.
My custom  Simon Belmon outfit and gear for Megan have stalled because I can't find the LEGO skeleton battle pack that has the mace ball I need to copy to finish the Vampire Killer
If scratchbuilt sets count, I've slacked off on the arcade.. And I'm currently looking at making the Sunstone Pyramid

Griffin: Ooh neat! I still want to join a custom swap one day :) And lol, I had a deflock since 2016 (or so) and fi-nal-ly finished it this year. Hope you can finish yours!
ZeldaTheSwordsman: Cool! I'd love to see a Danny! :D

I'm working on a Butterscotch and an Applejack remix (both as G2s). I broke my bait's neckplug though >.<
Also interested in doing a Sweet Berry mash up! G2 and G3 mixed. But I need to figure out G3 Sweetberry's dollyhair match. So if anyone has any clue, I'd greatly appreciate it :)

Neat thread!

Griffin, I also have customs from 2010 but in my case I haven't worked on them besides the initial sculpting. I do plan to finish them someday...

I have a guy I started last December. His wings are done and the base coat painted. I need to airbrush the rest and never got around to it. I got an idea for another creepy pony last night! It'll be a bit before I can do anything though.

Last Black Friday/Cyber Monday I bought myself a little professional photo booth, it has mini spotlights and a small tripod and everything! :lol: I haven't used it yet but I want to rephotograph all my customs (and ponies). I also got a "small" spray shelter from Blick Art Materials with customs in mind. Except it's way too big for ponies. I can drape something over it to make the opening smaller. Anyway, haven't used that yet either :lookround:

Ooh, and I have to share a brush cleaner I found - The Masters Brush Cleaner and Preserver. It comes in a plastic jar and it's amazing! I had a white synthetic brush that was dyed green for years and this stuff made it like new again. Highly recommended!

^  Ooh the photobooth sounds super nice, BC! I should take some new photos of my ponies, too. Customs included.

I wish I could share more about the swap ponies but I don't want to spoil the surprise for my partners. My friend asked for some kind of a forest mage or druid, that's a neat idea! I haven't decided on the bait yet but I have some G1s I could use, people rarely ask for G1s in swaps. I was thinking Gingerbread, that's a challenging pose (one of my least fave G1 poses actually) but I think I could do something fun with those twinkle eyes. And because I'm a sucker for horns and antlers, I'm picturing large reindeer or wapiti style antlers... But that's about as far as I've got. Sketching the design is always a crucial step for me, as that's the first time the idea truly takes shape, and I haven't got round to doing that yet. If you have any ideas, feel free to throw them my way! Some sources of inspiration include customs by other artists - Lovelauraland's beautiful forest ponies come to mind, such as Celestial Sanctuary or Shishi-gami, and the stunning Moriko which PoD made for me in the Horns & Skulls swap in 2014.

Gosh now I miss all our retired customisers and other old members!  :cry:


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