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I found her today in one of my boxes...one of Ponyland's most infamous scams!


Here is my story, for prosperity!

I don't remember the exact date I purchased this RG, likely in the late 2001-early 2002 time frame as this was when I was working on my chemistry doctorate and spending my days in the lab. It was definitely after the first RG was found, and perhaps even a second was already known by this time. The community was so excited, as it always is when a new Nirvana is discovered (back at that time, the word Nirvana didn't even exist yet to describe a rare/foreign pony - lol I'm old).

She's truly a jaw-dropping color combo. When the next one became available, I knew I needed her in my life (at any cost!).

I didn't think too much about the seller or track record, call it being blinded with infatuation. I had a bad feeling in my gut, which I chose to ignore. I *really* wanted to believe she was real.

Reality came crashing down quick. Another RG popped up on ebay and through some sleuthing discovered it was the SAME seller as who sold me mine. *red flag, fire alarm*

When I received her I popped of the head immediately to find a perfectly sewn in mane and standard tail, pure Hasbro manufacturing style. It almost looked too perfect, if that makes sense.

As a chem grad student having access to spectroscopic equipment, I took a glue swab from RG as well as a glue swab from a standard Gusty and see if it was the same type of glue. It wasn't. This take alone is by no means a true scientific experiment with anything remotely bearing statistical significance nor ability to produce a meaningful conclusion. I would have needed at least a few more RGs and a bunch of regular Gustys to even get basic validation. But this one data point, combined with the second RG the same seller made available, plus her less than credible history put the final nail in the coffin for me as to her authenticity. Personally, I would not feel comfortable even hinting at the chance she is the real deal.

I believe the seller was banned from the community and don't know who has her other fake RG's. But I speculate there are at least 1 or 2 more floating around somewhere.


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Dang she's still gorgeous though!

She is really pretty! I don't know about this scam (relatively new to the mlp community), can anyone link me to some more information? Would be awful if someone tried to sell her as MLP produced.

She's gorgeous, but I have to keep my funds together unfortunately. :-/
Someone would have to be really stupid in order to sell her on as the real thing, since Karma is a metaphysical law. I wouldn't want this kind of debt in my own future.


--- Quote from: RLisa on May 28, 2020, 08:57:40 AM ---She is really pretty! I don't know about this scam (relatively new to the mlp community), can anyone link me to some more information? Would be awful if someone tried to sell her as MLP produced.

--- End quote ---

I really feel that with so many long-time members leaving the community, we need a common place for all the good stories!
Someone correct any details I may have mis-remembered, we are talking about something that happened well over 20 years ago LOL

TIL:  Reverse Gusty was found at a carboot sale in the UK.  Collectors went back and forth about agreeing on the authenticity.  At this time, scammers were starting to pop heads off and switch them onto other pony bodies, particularly when very little was known about Nirvanas, and digital cameras were in their infancy.   So of course there was intense scrutiny.  Things got really heated when a SECOND Reverse Gusty showed up! 

In order to solve the puzzle, a collector who worked in a laboratory took samples from the glue in RG's mane plugs and compared it to several samples of genuine, ordinary Hasbro MLP.  The samples matched!  Industrial-strength glue, used in the Hasbro factories, was used to secure RG's hair.  Now the ultimate test: the 2nd RG.  Eventually #2 made it into the hands of a collector who was comfortable with sending the pony onto Amazing Lab Tech pony collector.  RG #2's hair glue turned out to be an ordinary brand of Super Glue that anybody could have bought from a domestic retail source.  RG #2 was FAKE!  *shock, horror noises*

When RG#3 and others showed up on the secondary market, collectors realized that scammers were preying on the reputation of the unique OOAK Reverse Gusty.

There can only be one!


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