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SKANDY'S QUEST FOR G2S!Last Updated: 11/26/21
Hello! I'm trying to complete my childhood G2 pony collection :)

If you're curious about why I've decided to complete my G2s, you can read my introduction:,398452.0.html

At the moment I'm going to stick with buying, as I'm new and don't have much experience with trading yet. Also, I live in PA, USA in case you were wondering about shipping.

Conditions I'll accept for Loose Ponies:
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
CLICK HERE for a LIVE version of my wishlist complete with photos and even more detail!

:worshippy:Grail Ponies:worshippy:
Straight from my childhood wish-lists!

 :inlove:2001 Royal Lady Elegant~ MOC/MIB and following loose accessories:

* Wand with star PENDING IN UK BOX
* Treasure chestPENDING IN UK BOX
* Crown-shaped boxPENDING IN UK BOX
* Blue socks (4x)
* Blue skirt
* Pink flower-shaped hat
:inlove:2002 Magic Star Swirl~ MOC/MIB, and loose pony with all accessories:

* Yellow ring
* Blue wingsUPGRADE
* Red bag
* Magician/Princess hat
* White crown
* Yellow wand
* Yellow magical amulet
* Green star comb
:inlove:2003 Musical Pony Rocky~ loose pony PENDING (Will accept duplicate if she still plays music!) with all accessories:

* Instrument: Castanets
* Orange magnet brush
* Orange star comb
ISO Ponies & Accessories:* = higher priority

Magic Motion Dizzy Lizzy~ loose pony, with all accessories: Wishing Well, Rainbow arch, Roof piece, Purple flower comb, Staff with flower, and Necklace with bottle (rose motif)

*Magic Motion Bright Bramley~ 1 accessory: the white backpackCOMPLETE! :thumb:

Castle Friends Masquerade Ball with Sky Skimmer and Sweet Berry~ 1 accessory: the Orange flower comb with 2 flowers

Royal Lady Moonshine~ just the instructions (in English or French) to her dragon magic trick!COMPLETE! :thumb:

Magic Motion Petal Blossom~ 1 accessory: the pink bracelet

Princess Silver Swirl~MOC/MIB, *Bonus if Dragon has blue eyes!


Secret Surprise Wing Song II~ loose pony and following accessories with noted alternate colors: White medical case, Blue nurse hat, Blue (alt. white) spoon, blue jar, Sheet with stickers, Pink flower comb.

Royal Twins Jewel and Sparkle~ loose, and with all accessories: Crown with pink gem, Crown with blue gem, Collar with pink gem, Collar with blue gem, Orange teddy bear, Crown-shaped charm, Light purple castle comb.

Magic Motion Romantica/ Dainty Dove~ the following loose accessories: 2 pink doves (with wings) and the necklace with bottle locket

Princess Silver Rain~ the following loose accessories: variant pink watering can, variant purple umbrella, and purple crown comb

Prince Fire Fly~ the following accessories: dragonflies (x2) and purple flower clips (x2)

Light Up Family Ivy and Baby Fern~ 1 accessory: the purple comb with flowersCOMPLETE! :thumb:

Light Up Family Silver Swirl and Baby Swirly~ all accessories: the orange clip-on horn, the orange spin-top, and the turquoise crown comb PENDING

Twins Moondust and Stardust~ all loose accessories: Lavender skirts (2x), Flower crown with blue ribbons, Flower crown with green ribbons, Rose charm, and Green flower comb

Holiday Baby Pony Sweet Snowflake~ all loose accessories: Christmas tree, Teddy bear, Angel, and Red ribbon-shaped combCOMPLETE! :thumb:


*Secret Surprise Tender Nuzzles~ loose pony with all accessories: Hat with two blue hair braids PENDING IN NETHERLANDS BOX, Green bear clips (1x), Pink bear clips (1x), Yellow bear clips (1x) (alt. red bear clip, yellow bear clip, pink bear clip, blue bear clip PENDING IN NETHERLANDS BOX, green bear clip, orange bear clip), Orange comb PENDING IN NETHERLANDS BOX

Magic Motion family Floral and Baby Petal~ loose baby Petal with all accessories: Green swing, Pink flower-shaped seat, 2 Green leaf-shaped hair ornaments, and Blue combCOMPLETE! :thumb:

Royal Lady Waterfall~ MIB/MOC or loose pony  and all accessories: Pink rings (non identical)(2x), Pink earrings (2x), Waterfall base, Rainbow arch with fish, and Pink flower comb ALL PENDING IN DENMARK BOX

*Princess Sapphire~ loose pony (upgrade) with the following accessories: silver hair clip and blue star comb PENDING COMPLETE! :thumb:

*Royal Lady Dragonfly~ loose pony (upgrade) with the following accessories: Small green dragonfly clips (2x), Small red dragonfly clips (2x), Small pink dragonfly clips (2x), Big green dragonfly clip, Medium colorless dragonfly clip

Romantic Couple Golden Dream and Blue Dream~ Loose Golden Dream (upgrade)- only if she still functions (heart lights up and she says "I love you!")

Secret Surprise Jolly~ all accessories: Pink butterfly clip, Pink backpack with 3 ribbons, White/ grey brush

*Royal Lady Rainbow~  all accessories: Grass base with rainbow PENDING IN DENMARK BOX, Folded umbrella PENDING IN UK BOX, umbrella holder, Big crown, Pink spring-shaped hairpiece, Purple flower clip, Purple bead with butterfly motif, and Yellow star comb PENDING IN UK BOX

Secret Surprise Spring~  the following loose accessories: the alternate pair of sparkly wings and 3 golden Perfume bottles (non-identical)

Secret Surprise Tenderheart~  the following loose accessories: the golden heart pin hair accessory and the pink combCOMPLETE! :thumb:

Secret Surprise Junior~  1 loose accessory: the sturdier alternate rucksack/backpack

Unicorn With Magic Wings Golden Glow~  MOC/MIBCOMPLETE! :thumb:

Unicorn With Magic Wings Silver Glow~  MOC/MIB

Unicorn With Magic Wings Copper Glow~ MOC/MIB, and loose pair of green wings


 *Musical Pony Muse~ loose pony (upgrade) (bonus if she still plays music) with the following accessories: pink panpipes/ flute and purple translucent star combCOMPLETE! :thumb:

 *Musical Pony Melody~  loose pony (ONLY if she still plays music) and 1 accessory: missing aqua star comb COMPLETE  :thumb:

 *Fantasy Hair Pony Blue Pearl variant (blue haired Ivy)~ loose pony with unfaded pink hair

 *Fantasy Hair Pony “Blondie” (white pearl variant with blonde hair)~ loose pony

 *Hobby Pony Medecin~ loose pony and accessories including variant colors: Blue (alt white) nurse hat, Blue (alt white) medicine jar, White (alt blue) spoon, White (alt blue) medic case, White stethoscope, Pack with bandages, and White comb

Her Majesty Flower~ loose pony and all accessories: Pink picnic basket, Purple flower clip, Blue flower clip, White flower clip, Yellow flower clip, Cardboard flowers, and Pink star combCOMPLETE! :thumb:

 *Unicorn With Magic Wings Golden Glow II~ MOC/MIB and 1 loose accessory: *translucent yellow star comb

 *Unicorn With Magic Wings Diamond Glow~ MOC/MIB and all accessories: *silver clip-on wings and sparkly *silver star comb

 *Her Majesty Ballerina~ MOC/MIB PENDING PAYMENT PLAN and all accessories: Pink and white skirt, Pink star comb, purple crown

 Hobby Pony Globe Trotter~ the following loose accessories: red bandanna, the yellow camera, and the yellow comb

 Hobby Pony Mimosa~ loose pony with light blue eyes, 1 accessory: the green shovel

 Changing Mane and Tail Apple Pie~ MOC/MIB and 1 loose accessory: the blue comb

 *Her Majesty Star~ all accessories: Pink star clip, Purple star clip, Mint star comb and especially the Cape with starsCOMPLETE! :thumb:

 *Her Majesty Pearl~ loose pony and accessories: Blue shell, Rubberband with pearls, Blue star comb, and especially the Orange scarf

 *Purse Pony Glittery Study~ MOC/MIB  and the following loose accessories: the butterfly-shaped purse, the Pencil shaped stamp, and Green schoolbag

*Purse Pony Glittery Heart~ all accessories: the heart-shaped purse, Hot pink comb, White towel, Hot pink sunglasses, and especially her Yellow hat COMPLETE! :thumb:

 Purse Pony Glittery Skater~ MOC/MIB PENDING IN DENMARK BOX

 *Magician Pony Magic Butterfly~ MOC/MIB and all accessories: White ring, Green mesh orange tutu, Flower costume, Magician/Princess hat, Blue bag, Purple wand, Purple magical amulet, and Red star comb

 Magician Pony Magic Dragonfly~ MOC/MIB and the following loose accessories: the Magician/Princess hat, grey wand, grey magical amulet  (if it works or its batteries can be changed), and blue star comb

 *Magician Pony Magic Butterfly II (green)~ MOC/MIB and the following loose accessories: the Red ring, Flower costume, Magician/Princess hat, Purple wand, Purple magical amulet, and Green star comb

 *Magician Pony Magic Diamond Glow~ MOC/MIB and the following accessories: Yellow ring, Red tutu, White wings, Magician/Princess hat, Green crown, Pink wand, Pink magical amulet (only if it works or its batteries can be changed), Blue star comb

*Hobby Pony Precious~ all accessories: Yellow toothpaste, Yellow hairdryer, Yellow toothbrush, Blue towel bound together with a white ribbon, A white shower cap, Different soap bottles (4x), Soap with a soap holder/ box, and White combCOMPLETE! :thumb:


*Purse Pony Autumn~ loose pony and all accessories, including variant colors: Yellow (alt. green) umbrella, Green watering can (alt. yellow), Yellow transparent comb)

 *Purse Pony Snowball~ loose pony (upgrade) and all accessories: Pink skis (2x), White coat, and White glittery comb ALL PENDING

 Wednesday Afternoon Pony Bride~ loose pony (upgrade) and the following accessories: pillow with 2 rings and pink comb

 *Musical Pony Jazzy~ loose pony (ONLY if she still plays music) and 1 accessory: pink star combCOMPLETE! :thumb:

 *Dress-up Ball Pony Waterlily~loose pony and all accessories: Frog suit, Yellow shoes (4x), and Yellow comb

*Dress-up Ball Pony Teddy~ MOC/MIB, loose pony (upgrade) and all accessories: Bear Suit, pale Yellow shoes (4x), and pale Yellow comb COMPLETE! :thumb:

*Dress-up Ball Pony Honey~ MOC/MIB and the following loose accessories: the light pink shoes (x4) and pink combCOMPLETE! :thumb:

*Dress-up Ball Pony Puff~ MOC/MIB and loose (upgrade) with the following accessories: the green shoes (x4) and blue combCOMPLETE! :thumb:

 Wednesday Afternoon Pony Butterfly Hunter~ the following accessories: Pot with sunflowers, Pot with tulip, Blue butterfly clip, Golden butterfly clip, and Peach comb

*Wednesday Afternoon Pony Gardener~ the following accessories: the Scissors, Watering can, Broom, Rake, Wheelbarrow, Shovel with pink top, and Shovel with blue top
COMPLETE! :thumb:
ISO Missing Accessories Visual Aid:Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
ISO G2 Magazines & More:I have a personal attachment to these, so they're all Grails for me. FYI: The ones listed are the ones I already have. I'm looking for all the other issues!
French Magazine Issues I already Own:
Issue #1 PENDING
Issue #8 PENDING
Issue #9 PENDING
Issue #10
Issue #12 PENDING
Issue #15 PENDING
Issue #16
Issue #18

French Activités I already Own:

Issue #3 PENDING
Issue #4 PENDING
Issue #7
Issue #9 PENDING
Issue #10 PENDING
Issue #11
Issue #12 (x2)
Issue #13
Issue #14
Issue #15 (x2)

UK Magazine Issues I already Own:
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
Issue #5
Issue #6
Issue #7
Issue #9
Issue #10
Issue #11
Issue #12

StoryLand Issues featuring G2 MLP I already Own:
Issue #6
Issue #10

Please reply or PM me if you have any of the issues that aren't listed and are willing to sell them! I may be willing to trade some of my doubles in the future...

CLICK HERE for a LIVE version of my wishlist complete with photos and even more detail!

:inlove:Thank you in advance!! :inlove:

I will send you a pm later!


--- Quote from: Vintageg2 on May 31, 2020, 09:57:25 AM ---I will send you a pm later!

--- End quote ---
:D *squeals of excitement*

Sorry I am still planning to do so but have not gotten to my collection yet..  But I have not forgot!!

it's been a while, but FINALLY UPDATED (11/26/21)


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