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Author Topic: Trades! - G1, G3, G4  (Read 1861 times)

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Trades! - G1, G3, G4
« on: April 26, 2020, 12:13:07 AM »
Hi! Wanna trade with me? Here's my wishlist: OR ...if you've got something else you think I'd like HMU! Would love to do a private swap!

Here's what I have available, PM me for pictures:

Baby Sister Ponies - Lil Sweetcake and Lil Cupcake (Lil Cupcake has her original ribbon!)
CF Peachy (rough shape/bait-ish, I displayed her in Pony Royal but recently got an upgrade)
TE Fizzy
Sparkle Baby Firefly
REPINKED Coco Berry w/mint lollipop barrette
Peppermint Crunch w/ yellow ice cream soda barrette
Banana Surprise w/ purple ice cream cone barrette
Swirly Whirly w/pink lollipop barrette
baby Cotton Candy
baby Bouncy (some spots on body, not for a picky collector)
MGR Brilliant Blossoms
Sand Digger
Caramel Crunch
SS Heart Throb
SS Lofty
flutter pony Tropical Breeze
flutter pony Peach Blossom
Hallmark ornament - Seashell (would love to trade for Moondancer!)

Autumn Skye
Peachy Pie
some G3 accessories

Brushable Sky Wishes (acetone removed symbols) and blind bag figure(BB)
Brushable single flower Cheerilee, w/matching Euro BB
Brushable Plumsweet w/wagon, chipmunk pet, and BB
Brushable Cupcake w/pet racoon and BB
Brushable Lyrica Lilac (no hat)
Brushable Diamond Tiara (no hat)
Brushable Photo Finish w/dress
Brushable Minty
Brushable Dazzleglow
Brushable Cadence and Shining Armor
Brushable Twisty Treats
Schoolhouse set Scootaloo, Appplebloom, and some accessories
MIP Twilight & Spike set w/map of Equestria
MIP Fluttery (plastic bag)
Fashion Style Coco Pommel w/accessories
Fashion Style My Little Pony: The Movie Fluttershy
Baby sea ponies - Sea Poppy, Lily Drop w/accessories
Build a Bear plush Princess Luna
Queen Novo and Throne
Tower and some Sea pony castle accessories
Amazon exclusive glittery sea pony Pinkie Pie
Rarity lot (lose figures)

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ISO princess ribbons, vintage pony pins, and UK variant Glow in The Dark mane Princess Sapphire


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