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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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For you Animal Crossing fans out there, some new New Horizons stuff just came out.

New Japanese Commercial:

And some new art (looks like part of it will be the box art as well):
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I am so excited! It looks like we'll be getting a new special character that looks like a younger Chip?

Admittedly I've never actually played an Animal Crossing game but I really want to play this one!

The art in NH is so pretty! NL's charm wore off really fast, I didn't like the weird texture everything was rendered with. NH's art style looks nice and simple and vibrant. And when you look at the different seasons in-game you can really feel it. It has a great atmosphere.

Whatshisface... Harvey, is it... he's returning? I just noticed him and that island...? Is that a side thing to do, perhaps? Or is camping returning in some form...?

bright rabbit 1:
I’m so going to get this game, but not from the Game store but the official U.K Nintendo website.


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