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Author Topic: Ponies as Meditation  (Read 354 times)

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Ponies as Meditation
« on: September 09, 2019, 11:42:23 PM »
My name is Jodi and this whole deal started when I saw someone bring the re-released Pretty Parlor to a Toys For Tots event and ran her down to ask where she got it. I was going through a rough patch emotionally so to cheer me up, my husband went out on xmas eve to find me one. I got out all my old toys and cleaned them up: it was so meditative and pleasant! I got a few more of the released ponies and opened the box to huff them and put them back. I've always been half looking for someone to play ponies with me (I'm going to be 40 in a few weeks but, like, I'm just the kind of whimsical person who legit wants to play with toys) but I finally found someone and then it was... I need a travel case. I had my rerelease ponies, and my 6 freshly prettied ponies from when I was a kid, but I wanted to be able to take them places. So I went looking for a vintage case. I ended up with 3(!) and they all came with ponies in various stages of disrepair. Now I had what I called a Pony Problem: too many ponies. And some of them were what I refer to as Fundamentally F*cked Up Ponies (hope that language isn't against the rules). And then I came up with the grand idea that would intersect multiple interests/solve problems of mine:
1. Seasonal Depression that starts in the autumn
2. My collection of hobbies or skills that are not translatable or generally productive but give me pleasure
3. My love of taking things nobody wants and making them desirable again
So now I'm cleaning up thrashed ponies and straight up giving them away. New artistic projects energize me, using my hands is really meditative, and putting beauty into the world feeds my soul.
I share my results on my Instagram/Facebook and I think people thought it was cute or quirky but ultimately confusing, so I made a post to explain and now people "get it." This was the post:
The Deal With The Ponies
When I was little I loved Barbies and in my collection was a vintage one from the 60s that had originally belonged to my aunt Sally. I didn't play with her as much as my others but I still played with her and loved her. Kid Jodi found it so wild to have physical proof that the grown-ups around me used to play with toys. It meant they had been kids once and someday I would be a grown up.
That's why I want to give most of them away to all of you. Not to "charity" because, c'mon, if a kid is getting charity then they deserve better than a (Formerly) Fundamentally Fucked Up 35-year-old Pony. I want you to give them to your kids, to tell them about how you had them or didn't, how you played with them or something like them and give you something that will connect your kid to Kid You. I also want to give them to you if you would just like a pony to keep you company on your desk at work or something.
Also: don't feel like you owe me anything for these ponies. I find this project intensely therapeutic and I've paid less than $2 for each one on average. If you've told me you want one I have it written down, but if there's a specific one from your own childhood you would like, let me know! I almost certainly have it or have a source for it. And if you haven't told me yet, tell me now! Otherwise I'm just going to start mailing surprise ponies to people.
Also: did you have any toys that had formerly belonged to a grown-up you knew? I'd love to hear those stories!

I'm having LOADS of fun re-pretty-ing these things and giving them a whole new life.

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Re: Ponies as Meditation
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2019, 01:16:12 AM »
Welcome to the arena! :)

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Re: Ponies as Meditation
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2019, 10:24:45 PM »
Hi and welcome to the Arena!
Have fun here, we're a nutty bunch! :D
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