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What are your current goals / resolutions?

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This subject is typically reserved for New Years', but I just returned from a short vacation that gave me time to relax and do some (much-needed) self-reflecting.  :relaxed:
2019 was supposed to be my year for self-improvement, and although things haven't gone as planned (an understatement) I'm not going to throw in the towel. Good vibes, lol.

So Arena, what are you currently aiming for in 2019?

(I'm mostly referring to non-pony things here, but feel free to throw in a few of those too.)

I'm going to (or at the very least, try to):

• Get a steady job
• Get a vehicle
• Take better care of myself, physically, emotionally, and mentally
• Quit procrastinating / being so easily discouraged / stressing myself to the point I can't get anything done
• Manage my time more effectively
• Read more often
• Learn a new hobby, preferably a textile art
• Make at least three custom ponies
• Participate in a craft fair
• Start making art regularly
• Start participating in threads again!
(I tend to be a lurker, mostly because I don't feel that I'm contributing to conversations...)
• Ride my horse at least four days a week
• Exercise my dogs more often

Your turn, guys. :lovey:

I hope to

* Loose some weight
* Get more shelves for my things
* Figure out what to get to do my taxes
* Sell some stock
* Learn how to sew and start making toy clothes

Most of mine are things that should be easy...

* Start my TLK Instagram account
* Finish taking photos of my Kingdom Hearts collection
* Update my website completely
* Finish my novel
* Continue Japanese studies
* Post a bit more (on the Arena and internet in general - I'm such a lurker)

Buy a new bed, get a custom made cabinet for my music setup, buy an 8TB external drive to have more space to store movies and music, start making more money, find a good condition Wind Whistler toy, work on my patent, maybe lose a bit weight (yeah right), and a lot of minor stuff like buying some vintage books or making offline copies of some stuff on the Internet that I like. I think that's it.


* Find a job sooner rather than later now I've finished my studies
* Get my final thesis bound and submitted so I never have to deal with the Doctoral School again
* Get my article finished and submitted to someone so they can deal with it for a bit
* Start working on the book...
* Get back to working on the Scrapbook and making it more European friendly
* Find Twilight, Starflower and Pinwheel Retros!
* Sort stuff ready to move at the end of August.
* Figure out a way to get back to Japan for a while without breaking the bank.
I also need to have more faith in myself. My family are always saying it, and now my supervisor has started saying it as well. But it's hard because academia is such a hotly competitive field and there's a lot of dealing with rejection and stuff. Even though I know that that kind of rejection isn't failure, my brain works on patterns, so it is hard to have self-belief when you're constantly hitting walls. I guess I ought to add the believing in myself goal to the list as well.


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