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Advise me -- collections by a fireplace?

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So. How awful would it be to store collections next to (not above or on) a fireplace?  The fireplace would have an insert.

I don't think the room would be super hot, as the room is below grade.. the fire would only be used to heat approximately 300sq feet.

How quickly would things get damaged.. assuming it would be used 13-20 times for the winter.

residual smoke would be an issue....

Is there a lot of smoke though? Especially with an insert..?

I grew up with a wood stove, and ghosting shows up around 15-20 years.  But! That house also has higher humidity and no central heating system.

This house has a central heating, and too low of humidity during the winter.. so I feel like it wouldn't be a huge concern?

Or are you saying the potential smoke when the fire is starting would cause that much damage?

I don't know.  Heat, light and smoke will always be an issue for any kind of plastics.  It's your call if you don't think there will be any heat or smoke.  I don't think any one can guarantee that your collection will be safe as we don't have the kind of knowledge about the home as you do. 

I mean, I have never used a fireplace so I don't know.. that's why I'm asking...

But bookshelves near fireplaces isn't a new concept (as I've seen built in bookshelves). There's obviously going to be heat, but I don't know how much. Traditionally people put photographs on the mantel, and those are delicate? So this is my thought process in it's not going to matter much. (or mixed reviews about TVs being above).

I should have all relative details of the set up. With the exception of we had a new flue put in.

I'm not expecting someone to say "all will be fine" because I'm not putting it in a heat and humidity controlled room. Just more of a general thing of 20 years down the line I might notice this or that-- based on low usage.


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