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bright rabbit 1:
Christmas Classics Collection had on it
Rudolph the red nose reindeer
Christmas comes but once a year (made me cry and still does)
Jack Frost (old man winter still scares me)
Santa’s surprise 
Hectors Hectic Live
And a few others

Gulliver’s Travels (like the song all’s well)

Bucky O’Hare

There’s this Peter and the Wolf one where the wolf saves baby Peter from wolves

Then there’s this cartoon were a dog saves these rabbits from a fox and this one where a bird is in a cage and wants to go outside but is chased by a cat.

This Tom Thumb cartoon where he says hey pop can I go fishing with you?

Oh gosh, I'd always watch a bootlegged tape at my grandmother's that for sure had at least one of the Censored Eleven, as well as a Porky Pig version of Gulliver's Travels (or something very similar) and a short called 'Have You Got Any Castles?', which was sort of a less-PC version of the Daffy Duck short 'Book Revue' that Cartoon Network regularly played around that time. I also had a tape that strangely was sold as a Droopy collection but actually contained 'Hector's Hectic Life' (as someone else mentioned), 'The Stupid-stitious Cat,' and a (maybe Fleischer?) short about leprechauns and gold that I never paid as much attention to.

And this one's sure to be a trip for anyone else who remembers it -- the early Porky Pig one 'Wholly Smoke,' featuring his sidekick Gabby Goat and a shop full of pipes, cigars, etc. that come to life and sing about the dangers of smoking. Shockingly, it actually was on CN now and then in the late 90s/early 2000s. Understandably, most others I've ever seen mention it say it scarred them for life; but I remember finding it hilarious, and the only reasoning I can give for that is that one of my parents must have dropped me as a baby. But I also devoured things like Courage the Cowardly Dog at that age, so maybe to me it was only a slight separation?

I remember an old Betty Boop short where she was in love with an ice-man named Freddy but some gangsters that came into the bar where she was a waitress kidnapped her and Freddy came and saved her. 

I also grew up with a tape that had some Casper shorts and a couple of Little Audrey cartoons and some Gabby cartoons.  I recently found a DVD with some of the Gabby cartoons, including Gulliver's Travels (the one where he sings "All's Well", though he sings the song in other shorts as well).

Fleischer cartoons scare the crap out of me.

I used to watch this every year because we got it on a Disney compilation tape:

I distinctly remembered Santa's laugh and that he had Diddl eyes for some reason XD

I still watch these Russian cartoons today for their great artistry. Of course not the fancy English dub with celeb voices, lol... Kathleen Turner as the Snow Queen!!!

Snow Queen (with Kathleen Turner!!!)

Mowgli and his Brothers:

Rikki Tikki Tavi:

Uh, Warner Bros, Warner Bros, and... Warner Bros. The local UHF station's diet was pretty limited, although we did get Speed Racer and Kimba the White Lion (are they old enough to be "classic"?)

As for real classics, although I didn't see them until they came out on DVD, check out Ub Iwerks. There's a two DVD set called "Cartoon's That Time Forgot" with tons of Flip the Frog. The best is perhaps "Spooks" which we always watch on Halloween.

--- Quote from: Zapper on August 28, 2019, 08:27:30 PM ---Fleischer cartoons scare the crap out of me.

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:blink: HAHAHAHA!

The Superman series they did is way different, although my ten year old niece could not stand the swooning Lois Lane after three episode or so. "Oh! Superman!" LOL

--- Quote from: Zapper on August 28, 2019, 08:27:30 PM ---Rikki Tikki Tavi:

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I never seen this one :shocked: THANK YOU!


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