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Lady Frostbite:
I used to collect pin badges casually as a kid, and I've got the urge to start collecting again, with the advent of Etsy and creators making AMAZING enamal pins.

Do you collect? I've got charity-related pins, and I'm considering getting a display for them, but don't know how to word that? How do you display? What do you collect?

I don’t know if I ever “officially” collected pins, but I purchase them occasionally if I see one I love. :) I particularly like themed pins that go along with my existing collections (Pokemon, MLP, etc.).

For display, the sky’s the limit! The most popular option tends to be a shadow-box-style frame, but I’ve seen everything from cork-board to wall hangings. :) That’s the fun thing about pins—they don’t take up much space, and display easily!

I used to collect Disney pins, but I've taken photos of most with the plans to sell them soon. Other than that, I'm the same as Nemesis, I pick up pins that are from other series that I already collect. That's usually Lion King, Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts, with the odd videogame pin here and there (and a few Disney pins I've decided to keep).

My old way to display was to stick them all on a single t-shirt. But these days, I use a cork board instead :)

I love all the fanart ones I see these days.

I'm looking into making my own XD

I'm in the research phase atm as people tend to keep their manufacturers to themselves. >< I hate gambling.

I paint canvases and add the pins as details.

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There are many others on my DA page and I have loads more to create with!


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