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Anyone here into birding (or birdwatching)? My grandparents got me into it as a kid.  I still have the bird book they gave me.  And I keep a life list, a list of birds I've identified/seen in my life time.

Well today I added a new bird!  A blue-gray gnatcatcher.  Apparently they are summer residents here in Georgia. 

Also, a pair of gray catbirds have moved in.  I've seen catbirds before, but not since I moved here three years ago.  I installed a drip fountain in the birdbath, and they showed up shortly after that.  Its true running water attracts more birds. 

A drip fountain from the birding store or online is almost $60!!!  I bought supplies at the hardware store and made my own for about $15!

     I love interacting with wildlife and observing animals. While I never got too far into birdwatching, I did get a boom on birds of North America when I was around five. I filled the pages with feathers I’d find on the ground, trying to match the feather with the bird. Little me didn’t know much about ranges of bird habitat, so some might be inaccurate. I’m sure that book is on my shelf somewhere...
     One year, the first year we moved into our current house, a family of finches nested in our hedge. We didn’t know if they’d been there for years before, or if this was new. But the family observed the birds carefully (so many tiny beaks!!), watching them hatch and learn to fly. When they left for good, all that was left was a dud egg and the nest. I brought it in for show and tell in grade one. And the family has kept coming back year after year. A part of me feels honoured that they chose that hedge out of all the possible nesting spots in our area.

I am a very specific birder who specialises in ducks, geese and swans. I have been interested in them for many years and can identify pretty much every type just from looking.

We have the typical collection around breeding season.  Including some grackles...which I wish would find somewhere else to nest.

We do get songbirds too, and its always a treat when a hummingbird flies by :)

I know the ones in my community. The magpies like me, we have conversations....


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