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Healthy Pony is back with the 21 Day Challenge

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I just can't stay away from Healthy Pony. I love Healthy Pony as it did so much for others growth...in my progress I failed to look at my own growth. I lost sight on the main reason I do Healthy Pony.

I WANT TO BE A HEALTHY PONY! :blush: :biggrin:

So as the host of this I ask for only a few things.
1. Have fun and be positive. You choose to do this for you, and all you can do is your best. ^.^
2. Be positive towards others, and honesty is a great policy. If you feel it needs to be said go for! :) I can not count the many times someone was honest with me, and I was helped by it:)
3. Have fun. Let's create a forum of fun and friendship.

On to Healthy Pony!!!

I have seen many researches that state, it takes 21 days to make a habit. So pick a habit you want and see if you can do it for 21 days! If you make it GREAT!!! If not just think what you can accomplish for trying!

We officially start July 1st and go to September 30. About 90 days. You can start early, or at anytime!!!

What is your 21 day habit?

Just post your progress along the way!

Oh and for fun. If anyone completes their 21 day challenge, has to show in posts, I will send them a pair of wings or knitted item. *Their choice!

CG sign up.

I really feel I can do all of these 3 things in one day.
1. Knit
2. Play Piano
3. Be Active
4. Steps to be my own boss

Just post here your sign up and progression!

As always you can use this forum to do your own progress towards being a healthy pony. You do not have to do the 21 day challenge

I want to play, too!

Right now, my 21 day habit is doing my physical therapy every day, even when I'm exhausted.

1. Declutter my closet!  I should only keep as many clothes as I have hangers for and the shelves should be accessible and only have things I actually use on them.  (This sounds like it should be a quick thing but I have a feeling it will take longer than I want it to!)
2. Do my physical therapy so I can get rid of the cane and brace.

3.  Think of other goals to work on.  :)

Welcome to the group. I bet that cane will be gone!!! You can do it.

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Ok well, I knitted today...haha:) it's the easiest task.

Lol I need to join this and actually stick to my guns. I keep falling off the wagon every time I sign up. I actually have been more healthy this year though and hiking a lot till I surgery.

I have been working 60+ hours a week... just keeping myself going is a struggle.... not enough sleep, too much work stress, more Bill's to pay than I have money.... *sigh*

I will think of a goal because I also want to participate!  I have been thinking about all of you.


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