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My very first Nirvana arrived today!!

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This is some of the most exciting pony mail I've ever had. :P So some of you probably saw the thread Cobra.Mortal made late last month about how they were putting a few of their Argentina ponies on eBay with starting prices of $1. I made the mental note after seeing the thread to check back on the last day of these listings and I figured if any still looked to be somewhat low when the listings were nearing their end I'd throw a bid at one because "why not?". So on the last day I saw D.J. was still pretty low (around $17 if I recall), and I placed a bid on her. I ended up winning her for $27 (before shipping of course)! I'm so happy to finally own a Nirvana pony after nearly eight years of this whole pony collecting thing, and at such a good deal too! Thank you, Cobra.Mortal!

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Congrats on your first nirvana! She's absolutely beautiful, her colors are so pretty! She's a great nirvana to start with :D

It was a pleasure dealing with you too! Glad to make a collector happy.. hope to help with more Argies in the future!


Oooh, so pretty!  :lovey:

Shy Violet:
She's beautiful, congrats!


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