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Author Topic: What was your Ponyland like as a child?  (Read 1296 times)

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What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« on: March 09, 2019, 09:39:38 PM »
So basically how was your imaginary 'Ponyland' set out as a child? Did one pony rule them all? Did ponies live in specific places or were they here there and everywhere?

Also, it's a little sad, but I sometimes think to myself- 'I wonder where my childhood ponies are now?' I sold most of mine, (Easter Cheerilee, Dainty Daisy, Sky Skimmer, Light Heart and Ivy being the lucky ones who managed to stay behind) and I kind of regret it now, at the time I didn't think about how much they meant to me or if I would ever get back into ponies...but now I'm wondering where they are now. Are they in the hands of someone who loved them just as much as me? Are they sitting on a charity shop shelf? Have they been thrown away? Customs maybe?

Does anyone else ever think the same about their ponies?
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2019, 12:12:02 AM »
Firstly, my childhood ponies are all with me. I did once think of selling them but smart mother told me to put them in the attic a while and see how I felt. She was right. So glad.

My childhood ponyland was...plural. By which I mean there wasn't one ponyland. And I also played pony games at school with friends as well. So at school we would have ponyland invaded by the zombie overlord...and also we'd chase the boys who threw ponies on the roof and jab them with unicorn horns to make them realise we weren't wussy pushovers who were just going to cry while they took our toys.

With my sister, we had various different games. We had a baby pony club and they'd go on outings. They all had blue neckscarves. They even came on holiday with us and somewhere I have photos of them in the caravan. We had baby ponies being adopted by adult ponies. We had extreme sports - Mainsail and Sand Digger who used to abseil out of the window to change their hair colour! Petite ponies used to ride the electric railway. Sometimes they'd go jumping down the dollhouse stairs as well. We'd play games with them in the buildings too - Majesty was the senile old queen and poor Princess Sapphire not only had to run the country but also deal with her absentminded little sister Aquamarine who had not only lost her dragon but also one of her symbols.

And when I got to about nine I wrote stories hugely inspired by the fact at the time I was reading Malory Towers and other such Enid Blyton stories. So I wrote about Magic Star, the most magical pony in all ponyland, at school. I partly wrote these to make myself love Cherries Jubilee more, who was a childhood pony I had that I wasn't so fond of (it worked by the way. I now have a CJ army xD). When I finally got the 'proper' Paradise (ie the Paradise I believed existed when I was a kid xD) I made this photostory thread which is based on those stories I wrote when I was about nine...,369646.0.html

I read the comics a lot and loved them but never played out stories from them. BUT I did keep in mind the magic tricks all the ponies had in the comics or the fact file as my 'fan canon' in games. Hence why in the above link you have Pollipop Latch xD.
I often have a different wondering about my ponies. I have my childhood ponies and also I have the 15 or so that belonged to one of my close childhood friends who just presented them all to me (minus one, and plus the lamp for Paradise Estate, LOL) when she moved away right before secondary school, so I know their histories. But I often wonder about the histories of some of the others. Especially those which have names on the hooves and those that came from other countries. I wish I knew their stories.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #2 on: March 10, 2019, 04:09:10 AM »
It was a very dangerous place, where Barbie was constantly setting traps to capture them.  And if she did . . . then she would chain them up and force them to make clothes for her. :P  Moondancer was the queen of the ponies because she was my favorite, and because I had a magical ring that she wore as a crown, over her horn.  (It was 'magical' because I found it half-buried by my house even though we'd lived there for years and there was no one else around who could have dropped it.)  I kept track of the ring all the way into adulthood but then tragically lost it a few years ago, I still don't know how.

I do sometimes wonder what happened to my old ponies.  I sold most of them at a garage sale when I was 12 or 13.  I wish I'd at least kept the baby ponies, who were my favorites.

I'm even more sad about that ring, though.  I can picture it perfectly.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2019, 06:36:51 AM »
I had a world centered around my G3s.

When I first got some ponies, I had around 6, and my friend and I would make adventure stories with them, mostly featuring these magical caves. Each cavern would have some sort of spell or gimmick that threw the ponies for a loop. Also, some of the ponies were boys so that there would be some romance (I wasn't aware that same gender romance existed at that point)

Later, when I had a lot more ponies, I created a kingdom. Lily Lightly was the queen and Brights Brightly was her second in command. Breezie (Breezy?) was the sheriff, because she had a motor bike.

Star Catcher was leader of Butterfly Island, which was the big playset that I owned. And I always focused the story on Minty and Cotton Candy, who were married and ran the Cotton Candy Cafe. Minty was the cook. And my 3 G2 ponies were the "teenagers" of the village!
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #4 on: March 10, 2019, 07:26:50 AM »
     I never played much with my ponies as a child, and I don’t remember much. But nowadays, I enjoy playing with them. Making up for lost time. My younger sister enjoys playing with me, and every adventure is kinda different. But our most common pony land is one where majesty, ruler of dreamland, starswirl of pontopia, queen novo of seaquesteia and princess twilight sparkle of Equestria, are all leaders of their own respective generations/kingdoms. The council is made up of these four, and their comrades: general peachy, a veteran from the great pony war and general to majesty, majesty’s pet/confidant chewer (a g1 spike with bite barks on his spines), the three breezies as assistants to president starswirl, puffed as assistant to queen novo and spike, assistant/secretary of twilight, along with various interchanged ponies of different generations/types. Shenanigans ensue as the four kingdoms attempt to bridge their generational gaps and make peace with one another.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #5 on: March 10, 2019, 08:37:06 AM »
I didn’t really have a ponyland but an lps land. It was like a big town near a giant park. My mom made me and my siblings a workersfoam (strong foam, hardens over time, textured like rocks kinda) cave. There were 3 of them so we had a great time. If the evolutie dr eye (an eyeball toy on a stick) wouldn’t interfere. Good times.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2019, 10:57:46 AM »
I don't remember my childhood Ponyville super well unfortunately. I think I was fairly influenced by the G3 specials though! It was mostly kind of just...soap opera type play? Nothing very fantasy based, just drama and antics revolving around the characters themselves! Me and my sister had a split collection when we were kids and I remember my Minty and her Pickle Pie (actual name Kiwi Tart, I have no idea why we thought she had a pickle in her cutie mark :P ) were both the goofballs of the group and were very good friends.

I remember when the gem cutie mark G3s first came out  my neighbor had gotten Periwinkle and said she had to be queen since she had a gem! I distinctly remember going to the store and buying Gem Blossom just so I could tell her I had royalty too! :P Oh, and then I remember another neighbor having ponies and we gave them mud baths in the backyard. I think I only dipped my ponies' feet in, because I still have my childhood ponies and they're fairly clean! :P but I was so horrified by how that neighbor treated her ponies! I think she may have given me her Sweetberry though. She had cut hair and they said she was a boy in their herd. I eventually upgraded her but I always had a soft spot for that pony. I really don't know why I got rid of her!
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #7 on: March 10, 2019, 11:49:48 AM »
My Ponyland was much like the g1 cartoon show- mostly grass and forests.  No towns like Ponyville.  As a kid I laid out a flattened cardboard box and drew on it with pastel chalks- roads, grass, trees, etc. 
Guess what?  Chalk is not a so-soft ponies friend.  It got all over my Paradise and Magic Star's feet as I played. 
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #8 on: March 10, 2019, 05:42:49 PM »
As a kid, my only exposure to My Little Pony was three VHS tapes with some episodes of the G1 cartoon (I knew there were MLP toys but that was it) so the closest I ever came to having my own Ponyland was speculating about the episodes I watched, like about the life of Troggles in Tambelon or about the unseen parts of the ancient building in "Magic Coins". I had also drawn few fancomics, mostly starring Wind Whistler (I was pretty obsessed with her back then) but when I think back to them they were pretty cringeworthy, I remember in one of them WW single-handedly fends off an alien invasion on Earth by sneaking into their spaceship, activating a "self destruct" mechanism and escaping before an explosion kills all the aliens, and in another she saves a baby from a burning building thanks to being able to fly, lol.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #9 on: March 10, 2019, 07:01:13 PM »
As a kid I laid out a flattened cardboard box and drew on it with pastel chalks- roads, grass, trees, etc. 
Guess what?  Chalk is not a so-soft ponies friend.  It got all over my Paradise and Magic Star's feet as I played. 

ooooh man :( Thats sad, Im sorry for your poor girls *hugs*
That reminds me of that watercolor incident back then... my friend and me both had the Show Stable but no other bigger buildings. So we worked with cardboard to create lots of hourses, a castle and so on and painted them all with watercolors to make them look better! And... yeah guess what, it got allover our ponies feet and bodies :/ We had a hard time getting that off and I remember that at least one of my friends fakie baby ponies was "scarred for life" *sigh*

So, my Ponyland... well, it was pretty special I guess.
There was a link between two worlds; there was Ponyland as seen on TV and comics (grassy fields, cute forests, tiny creatures, flowers everywhere....) and there was the Human World (aka my room and sometimes our garden or wherever I would take them). My ponies lived in both worlds!
In Human World though they were tiny, like the toys the actually were. They made their habitat between the books and other toys on my shelves, my desk, my bed, the floor... wherever I wanted to play and whatever the story needed as a background. They also interacted with me and my friend. They even had a secret language only they themselves and their very own pony-mommy could understand (my friend invented it, it was a mixture of whispering clicky / snapping sounds you can do with your tongue... yes, super strange I know XD).
My other toys would frequently be part of the life in Human World too, so my ponies met Barbie, my dinosaur toys, my plushies and so on. When adults would interfere they would pretend to be lifeless toys though. On thing though was feared by my ponies! I had a dinosaur toy, it was plastic figurine of a T-Rex named Kiki. I loved her but her face was soo mean! So, Kiki would be super angry if she was been awakened by the ponies or anyother toy by going too much near her. She mostly lay on a shelf amd the ponies would not go there on purpose. Sometimes though it happened... a nosey baby pony or a new pony that hadnt been told about Kiki or maybe a Pegasus that got to tired to fly any farther and was forced to land close to THAT shelf. And then KIKI would WAKE! OMG, my ponies would flee into any hiding place they could think of. XD Still sometimes a pony or two got captured by that vicious dinosaur, so the others had to plan how to free their friends. Hehe... omg, childhood was so great! I wish I could go back there!! (And I wish I would still have Kiki....she got lost in transition) So, yes, Human World was full of unknown dangers!

When in Ponyland I imagined everything to be like in the comics or on TV (as mentioned). When being there the ponies would not be able to interact with me as I wasnt able to visit Ponyland. I vividly remember that I used one of my blankets (a blue one) for a lake, my wooden toy train for a "real" train and my building blocks for creating streets. And so on....

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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #10 on: March 12, 2019, 12:47:59 AM »
Cute thread!

I had some of the German storytapes as a kid but for some reason its canon was completely divorced from my ponies, despite me enjoying the tapes.

My pony world always had to be set up. I used an umbrella to make a sky and then I would put scarves to make a landscape and those decorative glass gems as a river. My ponies would live all over the place but that umbrella place was the "headquarter".
Some of the ponies I would take into the bathtub and imagine they'd live by the sea. I usually segregated the ponies by age. So a baby pony would not befriend an adult pony :lol: That's what I remember most.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #11 on: March 12, 2019, 01:31:39 AM »
I love reading these stories...they always warm my heart.

*Warning* my story is very tragic.

I treated everyone I met with kindness. I was told even by my mom that I should not play with "X" people because I would not be popular...I never was. I tried to treat everyone like I did my heard...they were all kind to each other. Some had to learn morals such as: not being so snobby, there is no reason to make fun of different features, or how to include others in your games and activities.

My mom was right. So no one played with me, so spent hours playing ponies by myself. From queens who risk the lose of their kingdom for love, to the rare unicorn unseen by all and must be tried as a witch, and more things you can imagine.

Ponies were my only friends...even in High School, College, but then i got married.

I was talked into boxing my ponies at about 10. I snuck a small herd out in Secret...well my mom cleaned out the boxes and saw my box almost destroyed by mice and other critters (i think a cat had babies on this box) and thus the box was burned.

My few ponies stayed hidden until i met my husband. He gave me the inspiration to collect, and slowly i am gaining those i lost, and those i dreamed of having. He did this by giving me Merry Treats for my birthday!

It has taken time to have my own happy ending to a pony story, but my pony land was filled with wonderful happy things. Waterfalls, crystal streams, rainbows, and the perfect weather.

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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #12 on: March 12, 2019, 07:05:39 AM »
My Ponyland was pretty much how it was in the original series. Green and happy and fun, with some adventures and minor drama every now and then. I just enjoyed having my ponies be happy, mainly. Majesty might have ruled Dream Castle but the Bride pony was the prettiest of them all so she was Queen, lol. The Paradise Estate was so large so my step-dad had to build a table for me to have it on, I have photos of that luckily because that was so nice so it's a good memory to keep on a photo. but yeah that was my main playset that I used, the other ones were only brought out when I was in the mood for them because none of them really had a chance against the gorgeous Estate  :heart:

I wish I still had all my childhood ponies and playsets but I gave them away to my nieces when I was 12 and that's one of the dumbest things I've ever done because the nieces didn't really respect the toys they had........... :'( luckily I got most of them back, the others are still cherished in my heart and I hope they're safe wherever they are. (hopefully in my sister's attic, waiting for me to find and rescue them)
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #13 on: March 12, 2019, 10:50:01 AM »
I remember only having around 10 ponies (all of which are long gone now; not by my choice)

I had sweet stuff and slugger into my adulthood since they were my favourites; sadly an ex sold them off :(

But i remember slugger was my hero in my stories; he even had a fling with both buttons (who i didnt even have and was off on adventures) and quarterback! I remember my older sister had doll house food i used as picnic material and i had quite a few pony outfits to dress them up in! My father only wanted me playing with 'boys toys' so i mostly had the boy ponies but i had a few "girlfriends" for the boy ponies (i had the same excuse for getting barbie; ken needed her.) Sadly my ponies are no more; my father also had a thing of burning my toys when id outgrown them or if he felt like it; but i still think my ponies personalities moved to my replacement ponies and the adventures they dared to do! I even hung slugger out of a window by a piece of string; he was a rock climber! Sweet stuff always reminded me of my grandma; because of her symbol and the fact that she was the one that got her for me!

Thanks for reading my story and this thread is so sweet! xx  :)

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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #14 on: March 12, 2019, 08:53:29 PM »
My Ponyland was a lot like the G1 show.  Something was always out to get the ponies, or they always had to go on a quest to find something or save someone.  Barbie was always trying to enslave them, and sometimes the Power Ranger Zords were friends, sometimes foes.  SS Buttons was usually in charge, since she was my very first pony, but her usual gang included Princess Primrose, and Bright Night.  Ponies had more or less the same personalities as in the show, depending on what I needed for the plot in my head to proceed. 


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