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Author Topic: What was your Ponyland like as a child?  (Read 1079 times)

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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #15 on: March 12, 2019, 10:00:27 PM »
My first ponies were Windy, Baby Glory, Speedy, and first tooth Baby Lickety Split. Windy almost always wore the cape from the tea time set, if not the hat and shoes. Eventually I had TAF Megan and Sundance, but I never had Molly so the Heart Family baby twins stood in as her and Danny (from the show). I also had a wooden red heart shaped necklace that was the Rainbow of Light.  ^.^

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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #16 on: March 13, 2019, 05:12:50 PM »
Aww man, it's really sweet reading all these stories about everyone's childhood Ponyland. Everyone had different experiences, some quite sad, some super cute!  :)

My ponies ruled my bedroom for quite a few years (until I began collecting LPS along side them so they had to share the room :P ) I actually still own all my LPS figures, they're in a large box on top of my wardrobe- I'm still mad at my younger self for getting rid of most of my ponies though!

I don't remember a ton about my Ponyland as a child, but I still like to think back about the stuff I can remember...

Winter Snow, was the queen of my Ponyland. At the time she was named Ice Princess because I didn't actually know her name. She wore a tiara made of tin foil to symbolise her royalty and I scarf my mum had knitted for my Bratz/Barbie dolls. She lived in Celebration castle with Rarity (who was jealous of her XD ) Winter Snow was a bit of a diva but loved her PonyVille subjects with a passion. Rarity was jealous of Winter Snow being queen and would do anything to take her place on the throne.
My 3 G2s that I shared with my sister were visitors of my Ponyland, they'd either visit Butterfly Island or be hinding somewhere across the house. They were the big sisters to the G3 ponies.
Lullabelle, Sweet Summertime (or Beachball as me and my sister called her) and Dainty Daisy lived at Butterfly Island and ran an amusement park there.
Sweetiebelle was the teacher at the local school and the rest of my ponies were residents of Ponyland.

I had a fakie which I bought from Asda too when I was younger, she was named firework and she lived at my aunt's house from time to time.

I also owned a lot of PonyVille stuff. Rainbow Dash and Toolaroola were the local hairdressers, Scootaloo and another Rainbow Dash worked at the milkshake shaped diner, Pinkie Pie worked at the roller rink, Sweetiebelle owned a café, Starsong and a few others were music stars and the rest of the mini ponies hung out at Pinkie Pie's house :P

I didn't really have any friends in primary school and none of the kids were into ponies. So I usually played by myself with them.
I got back into ponies at the end of my final year at school and I actually told my high school friends that I collected them and they were totally cool about it :)
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #17 on: March 19, 2019, 10:18:19 PM »
I don't have many of my childhood ponies left and I. COULD. KICK. MYSELF.

I don't remember much of my childhood Ponyland but it seemed to be plagued by monsters or terrible weather or some catastrophe that the ponies had to band together and work out how to fix.  :biggrin: Not exactly the most idyllic place!

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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #18 on: March 20, 2019, 07:02:42 PM »
Hope no one minds me joining in with this so lovely thread!

I never had a MLP land as a child, sadly. The nearest i got to it was watching the cartoons and dreaming of those ponies in that magical place.  I played with Sindy and Barbie and had loads of their lovely horses so my pony land was a different type of pony land!  to everyone elses. :)

Now of course it's forever pony land and i can have all those ponies i dreamed of as a child. I got Majesty early last year and cried buckets over her when she arrived, and then Lemon Drop not to mention all the ones i had got before them. 

I love them all very much and even though i dont have room for the playsets,  i enjoy grown up play time with them.

Yipee for ponies what ever our age!! :biggrin:

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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #19 on: March 20, 2019, 08:22:20 PM »
My sister and I had our own kingdoms. Mine was ruled by Firefly, hers by Medley.
Or at least, usually. Mine was the M kingdom and hers was the L kingdom, after our first initials. They didn't usually fight, but there were varying amounts of tension between the two kingdoms. At some point, Beachball and  Cherry Treats were elders along with Firefly cuz they were my first G1s, coincidentally one earth, one pegasus, and one unicorn. (We grew up with G3 and I also had the tail end of G2) Applejack, Minty, and Ivy sometimes were guys and it was a big deal to have a boy pony in town, especially when we learned that you need a boy as well as a girl to make babies. The boys were like the opposite of a queen bee. We had the G3 playset map but almost never used it. I found it recently, almost intact aside from an extra fold.

Oh and Majesty and Glory had a son, Babyjack (Rattles) because I didn't know his real name and gender and I couldn't decide which should be his mom.

I also had a white baby G3 (Sandy island?) with a visor that only spoke Japanese (I knew 4 words) and her voice would echo when she said Konichiwa.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #20 on: March 28, 2019, 12:56:20 AM »

my ponyland was a little bit like the show but a little bit not like it. I acted out plays with my ponies. I used my record player sometimes. I remember having adventures with them. I loved my baby ponies and always wished I had the nursery. :/ I used a old pet basket for my nursery I would bring my ponies to my grandmothers house and play with them under the table. I have very fond memories of my ponies and of my very favorites baby and mommy surprise. I also had ponyland adventures everywhere I could even some great e memories at home with them too. So I guess my ponyland was everywhere. I had Majesty rule over my ponyland. Maybe I thought that Majesty was just suited to rule over ponyland.
Megan always visited with her rainbow of light. Funny I found a red heart shape charm to make as a rainbow of light that went around her neck. I never had molly just Megan. I remember ponyland with great fondness.
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Re: What was your Ponyland like as a child?
« Reply #21 on: March 28, 2019, 12:28:59 PM »
I grew up with the tail end of G2 and mostly G3, and didn't get my first G1s until I was almost in high school. I remember being so tickled that G3s had magnets in their feet, and I have a whole stack of photos somewhere (from a disposable camera, naturally) of Petal Blossom stuck to random metal in weird positions. :lol: Like hanging from the fridge, and somehow the door frame to my room, etc. Good times. I know Applejack and Denim Blue were my "boy" ponies. Pretty sure Applejack and Spring Fever were a thing because they came in the same set. In general there weren't many action-packed adventures or dangerous missions, mostly soap opera-y kinds of story-lines. I was a simple child, haha.

Once I got G1s, my herd really started to take shape. Wigwam was the king/leader because he was my first REAL male pony. His wife/queen was Sparkler. At some point I got Ice Crystal and Gypsy and they were an item (both from the UK, you know). Tex was the huge town flirt, and also constantly challenged Wigwam for the role of leader. To no avail. Twilight was also a queen at some point? She was one of the first female G1s I ever received.

Thanks Shenanigans for my awesome avatar!