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Author Topic: G1, G3, G3.5 and G4 ponies on eBay :) G3 SDCC, G3 Birthflowers, G4 Royal Ribbon!  (Read 69 times)

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Hey guys!  I have a looot of stuff on eBay right now, and more to come!

This is the link to my sales overall:

And here is exactly what I have for sale.  More coming soon!


Baby Ember, pink with purple hair link
Peach Blossom link
Kingsley the lion link
Baby Tic Tac Toe link

Retro Moschino bootleg backpack - pink mini backpack with Starflower on it link
Loyal Subjects SDCC pearly Lickety-Split link
Loyal Subjects SDCC glittery Lickety-Split link
Retro (G4 era) Playskool Lemon Drop link

Glory the Magic Unicorn book link
UK book The Stolen Shadow link
UK book The Trolls and the Castle of Darkness link

Mommy Charm Fun Lover link
Mommy Charm Little Helper link
Mommy Charm Yours Too link
Mommy Charm Sweet Tune #1 link
Mommy Charm Sweet Tune #2 link
Mommy Charm Curtain Call link
Mommy Charm True Blue link

Petite pony - pink pegasus with pizza symbol link
Petite pony - lavender with yellow hair and mirror symbol link
Petite pony - aqua with hairbrush symbol link
Petite pony - pink with hairbrush symbol link


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Birthflower pony Larkspur (July) link
Birthflower pony Carnation (January) link
MIB 2007 SDCC pony (red superhero) link
2007 SDCC pony (red superhero) loose link

Hidden Treasure link
Crystal Crown link
Applejack link
Forsythia link

Sew and So link
Amberlocks link
Star Dasher link

Breezie Honeydew Hum link
Bow Tie link
Pony Field Day book - HTF link

custom bait Twinkle Twirl link
custom bait Cotton Candy link


Starsong link
Rainbow Dash link
Cheerilee link


molded hair Twilight Sparkle (unicorn) link
Lyra Heartstrings brushable link
Mane-iac Mayhem - regular size brushable link
MOC Big Macintosh / McIntosh link

Guardians of Harmony Spitfire link
Water Cutie (snowglobe) Princess Luna link
Fashion Styling pony Royal Ribbon link
Cutie Mark Crew sea pony Rainbow Dash with accessories link
MLP slow rise foam Mashmallows link

blind bag Mr. Cake link
blind bag Beachberry link
blind bag Skywishes link
blind bag Gardenia Glow link
blind bag Peachy Pie link
blind bag Fluttershy link

tiny Fluttershy from chocolate egg link
McDonalds Happy Meal Button Belle link


Purple bowtie fakie link
Pink bowtie fakie link
White bowtie fakie link
Three fakies link
6' of 1" wide ribbon with fakie ponies on it link

Care Bears

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

Care Bear - homemade Good Luck Bear link
Care Bear - homemade plush Cheer Bear link
Care Bears Grumpy Bear plush keychain / hanger link


Transformers blind bag Fracture link
Transformers 2015 SDCC 'yearbook' Kre-o set link
Transformers TFA Swoop - no head link
Megatron PEZ dispenser link
MOC Transformers Titans Return Nightbeat link
Kre-o Transformers Rhinox link
3rd party Transformers "Hot Soldiers" Ratchet / Ambulance link


Digimon - Beelzemon figure link
Digimon - plush blind bag Gabumon link
Digimon - dome blind bag Palmon link
Digimon - MegaGargomon action figure link


1999 Burger King toy Pokemon Poliwrath link
Build-a-Bear white sequin party shoes (I have a second set of these, if someone wants them for a pony) link
Nintendo DS game Trace Memory link
Nintendo SNES game Brain Lord link
Wee Free Men (Discworld book) link
Monster High Frankie Stein figure link
6" plush Marie from Aristocats link
Hatchimals pink Bunwee link
Funko Steven Universe blind bag figure link
Halloween Lego Minifigures link
Basher Science "Base" figure link
World's Smallest Fisher-Price Chatterphone link
Re-Ment miniatures - lemon jam set link
Re-Ment miniatures - pastry set link
Russ Troll doll in pink and purple overalls link
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