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Author Topic: G3's for trade/sale. Located in Canada. Want list included.  (Read 677 times)

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G3's for trade/sale. Located in Canada. Want list included.
« on: August 06, 2018, 02:01:34 PM »
It’s been a long time since I’ve traded/sold ponies here. Time for a comeback.  :awake: I prefer to trade atm, but will sell if that fails. I have trading feedback here. I will trade with US/Canada and may consider UK as well. I mark trades as gifts.

I do have G1’s as well, but will post them later. My G1 want list is a lot harder, mostly Uk’s and a few upgrades. So I may just sell instead of trying to trade & I have not yet decided on prices.

Flaws that don’t bother me are- marks under feet, small flaws on non-display sides, & hard to notice hair snips. Can provide more pics on request  :biggrin:

Ponies available for trade/sale are-

Pic 1:
Winter Minty 2x both white hoof covers one NM, one EX.
Citrus Sweetheart 2x NM lightly scented, EX, lightly scented, faded initial under 1 foot.
Waterfire NM
Sno Glow white hoof cover w hood & brush NM
Toboggan white hoof cover NM
Anniversary 3D Minty x2, tiny rub on one candy stripe, NM, one Fair
Fancy Free NM
Breezy NM
Shellbelle 2x NM & G,
Strawberry Reef EX, a few faint yellow areas on non display side
Summer Bloom NM
Banjo Blue NM

Pic 2:
Silver Glow hard to see wing rubs, VG
Crystal Lace 2x NM, VG
Gem Blossom VG
Frilly Frocks some shorter hairs in 1st mane plug, small chip in heart, seems to be losing some tail hair, so not for play, G
Applejack small smudge to symbol, EX
Morning Monarch 2x NM, sm wing rubs, G
Star Dasher NM
Core 7 Scootaloo turnable head NM
Royal Rose 2x v small rub on wingtip on non-display side, EX, tooth marks on one ear & wing VG
2006 Star Catcher she still has the pink in her hair (the flash washed it out) minor tail rust, EX
Moondancer NM
Peachy pie, fluffy hair, EX

Pic 3:
Cute Curtsey very faint pink spot on non-display side belly, NM, her carriage, few rubs on wheels, EX 
Crystal Rainbow Bed, some small rubs to canopy paint, drawer works great, EX
Fluffaluff (white) missing crown EX & clear orange cart VG
Tumbletop (lt pink) missing crown EX & clear red cart EX
Silly Lily (yellow) missing crown, rub on symbol VG & clear yellow cart EX

Pic 4:
Meadowbrook NM
SLH Dibble Dabble head/body color difference, no cuts, EX
SLH Petal Blossom 2x hair was braided, no cuts, EX. No cuts NM
Butterscotch 2x one NM, one EX
Thistle Whistle shiny glue around neck seem, faintly scented VG
Honolu loo VG
Sunny Daze original pose, EX
Avon book version Sunny Daze, ivory color, flecks on symbol, dot under belly, G
Rainbow Dash original pose, NM
Fluttershy II 2x faint yellow spots on off side VG, slightly faded body & pink stripe G

Pic 5:
Pretty Parasol’s blue carriage, few small rubs on wheels, NM
Pink carriage #2 for Cute Curtsey, missing one set of hearts, few small rubs on wheel, needs wipe down, G
Core 7 Scootaloo with turnable head, small smudge in eye, sm white spot on symbol, EX
Core 7 Sweetie Belle w glitter horn & turnable head NM
Core 7 Scootaloo with henna pattern & turntable head, NM
Baby Sparkleberry Swirl  NM
Butter Pop, hard to see faded out name written under belly, NM
Soda Float, nice tinsel, small rub on symbol VG
G3.5 Mommy Pinkie Pie NM
G3.5 Rainbow Dash with pattern on legs, tinsel is ok, few small smudges on legs, VG
Crystal Rainbow bed working with blanket & sleep mask all NM
Crystal Rainbow Castle furniture pieces- purple cabinet no broken doors, VG. table with umbrella, light surface dirt, NM.  dresser some paint wear, one drawer sticks G
Baby Pink Sunsparkle, v small rub to eye, v small tooth mark by hoof heart & few on other leg, VG
Fluffaluff (white) missing crown, NM
Tumbletop (lt pink) missing crown, stress marks in her antenna from being turned, EX
Silly Lily (yellow) missing crown, very small rub, NM
Ice Cream accessory for Strawberry Surprise, few light scratches, EX

Not pictured- a 3rd Crystal Rainbow bed, works, EX

G3 Most Wanted list, not complete, will consider others.

Anchors away
Winter snow
Fun fairy
Lovely lady bug
Comet tail
Morning glory
Jade garden
Day break
Tangerine Sunset
Sand Dollar
Paradise Palms
Summer berry
Dazzle surprise
Penny Candy
Butter Drop
Charm Bracelet
Jingle Jangle
Ribbons ‘n Bows
Pretty Parasol & her carriage birds
2005 spring basket mip, dainty daisy, spring breeze, lulabelle
Bonus castle ponies- Royal Beauty, Pretty Palace, Crowning Glory
Sweet Sparkle
Chocolate Chipper & accessory
Accessories for Party Cake, Soda Float, Pretty Pop
Cherry Blossom I
Savannah Sage
Tropical Surprise
Merriweather I
Goody Gumdrop
Ribbon Wishes
Figural children’s toothbrushes Mip
Accessories for Frilly Frock’s boutique- sewing machine, 4 pink shoes, cape, hair clip, blue necklace
Accessories for Crystal Rainbow castle- white diamond shaped bottle, pink canister, white canister, & wand.

Have Great Day!  :enthralled: :hope: :think:


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Re: G3's for trade/sale. Located in Canada. Want list included.
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2018, 04:01:40 AM »
Not sure of their names, but is anyone here located in your want list?