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Author Topic: Help for Custom (Fragrance and dye)  (Read 619 times)

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Help for Custom (Fragrance and dye)
« on: June 15, 2018, 06:55:38 PM »
Hello guys! I am still very, very new to this (I type as my unfinished first fakie pony sits beside me) so I have a couple questions.

My next idea involves taking a pony and dyeing it Pink and blue. I know it would be best to dye pink, then blue but here are my questions:

What dyes should I use?
Is it possible to fade the two dyed colors together?
How should I seal the color in?
Would painting be better?

Next is fragrance. I have a favorite Yankee Candle scent called Pink Sands, which is what the pony is going to based off of.

The company sells this to be used in oil warmers, could I possibly use it to scent my pony? Put some drops inside the pony body? Or incorporate it into the hair? 

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Re: Help for Custom (Fragrance and dye)
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2018, 06:45:21 PM »
I really don't know if the scented oils will work (I'm sure they will, but idk if it's considered a good idea? IDK.) But I do know that has scents that are meant to be integrated into the hair but I'm sure you could boil some water, put in the scent, and put the pony in? You could also try that with the yankee candle scented oils, but again, idk if it'll work. I'd say put the scent in the hair, not the pony itself since if something does go wrong, hair is easier to replace than a whole pony sometimes  :shrug:

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Re: Help for Custom (Fragrance and dye)
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2018, 08:50:50 PM »
RIT dyes are what most people use, I think? I'm not sure how a gradient will work, though. It might be difficult to control the colour transition and dyed ponies have a tendency to fade or otherwise change over time. So in a few years you might have a different looking pony. If you decide to try it, it might be easier to pick a pink pony to start with and just use the blue dye. I've never dyed a pony but I believe vinegar can be used to "seal" the dye. For best results, you should let the pony sit for quite a while before painting on any details, several months even. Otherwise the colour may bleed through the eyewhites and other painted parts.

Painting the body is definitely quicker and will give you more predictable results, but gradients are somewhat tricky without an airbrush. It can totally be done, though, if you don't mind some texture. :) You can use make-up sponges or the dry brushing technique.

I hope someone else can offer you better advice regarding dyes! And good luck, whatever you decide to do. ^.^
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Re: Help for Custom (Fragrance and dye)
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2018, 01:43:23 AM »
So, dying! Erm, not that kind of die! ;)

Dying is kinda tricky! If you want to ensure that your gradient will be exactly where you want it, in the shades you want it, then I recommend paint! If you have very specific ideas where the gradient needs to go - and you can't envision how you're going to dip the pony to achieve that effect without making the whole thing purple - then I say go with paint! If you paint something wrong, or you even just realize the paint doesn't look like you wanted in your head, it's easy to take the paint off and start again ... not so with dye!

I love dying, I've been experimenting with it a lot more lately, and it is not always an exact science! But it's very rewarding when it works out, IMO, but that's because I just love the texture of original pony plastic - and dying can be a lot easier than painting a FBR! I've also seen some incredible and intricate dye jobs done with several different gradients on the same pony, so it CAN be done! It's just tricky!

The dye you'll want to use is Rit Synthetic "Dyemore", it just came out, or iPoly dye; the first you can get at Michael's, the second you have to get online, Amazon I believe. They're both formulated to work on plastics/synthetic materials, and they will give much brighter, long-lasting colors to your ponies than the regular Rit dye will. (They will fade over time, but it can be lessened by dying a shade or two darker than you want, and let the dye lighten up naturally into the shade you want.) I've had situations where the regular Rit dye would be boiling for hours, and the pony would end up a very light pastel; five minutes in the Rit Synthetic, and it's a deep midnight blue! You will need to be comfortable working with boiling water/dye, and you will need a metal pot that you never intend to eat food out of again, so in that aspect painting a pony may be cheaper and easier if you never intend to dye anything again!

I love the idea of dying a pink pony blue; with the old Rit, I think it would turn out purple, but this new stuff is SUPER POTENT! :O I threw in a Bowtie, and a PINK Firefly, and they ended up almost the same shade of dark blue! No purple! So that would solve some of the issue of dealing with two different color dyes, for starters!

When you're done dying the pony, there's lots of guides out there, but some of the best advice I got was from my friend who dyes Barbie dolls. I've always heard that you put the pony in a cold vinegar or ice-bath after the dye to help set it, but my friend also recommended putting them into a vinegar/water and/or rubbing alcohol/water bath for a couple days after you set the dye in the cold bath, switching out the mixture until the water runs clear. This helps leech out the excess dye, and will help a great deal with the whole 'fading' issue that happens after a year or so. The alcohol or vinegar leeches out the dye that's just sitting on top of the plastic, so it helps reveal the "real" color that's left after the dye has settled. Hence, if you dye a shade or two darker, hopefully the color that's left over after the vinegar/alcohol baths are the shade you wanted!

I hope that's somewhat helpful, I've never worked with scenting but I've worked with dye! I almost wonder if you could boil some of the oil into her hair, as the others say ... or just set up a candle in a box with her? Ponies can aborb an impressive amount of scent through osmosis! I mean, it sure works with smoke LOL!!

Good luck!! It sounds like a great concept for a pony!
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