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Author Topic: Denver ComicCon 2018  (Read 229 times)

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Denver ComicCon 2018
« on: June 17, 2018, 05:01:17 PM »
I only went yesterday and had fun. didn't get much pictures of cosplayers cause we were more interested in wandering around and seeing stuff and hitting up a couple panels. got to get a picture with Jim Davis! he apparently NEVER does conventions so this was a wild opportunity to get to meet him. He's a very nice man, and he was happy to see the plush I had in my hands in such good condition. apparently its one of the original plush designs before they started making the eyes in one piece. I also had a lot of people asking what booth I bought my plush from, sorry kids... I brought it from home after I bought it at an antique store. here's a set with the cosplayers I did get pictures of, there were more furries there but after the rude looks my sister and I got the first time I simply said hello it was like...'yeah I'm not gonna get photos with them.' there were a couple others  there but they were either resting, or on their way somewhere, and I didn't wanna bug them.  Don't know who the youngster in the partial is, she was having a great time and I kind of crack up at the fact her brother's just.. plopped down.

funny parts of con? umm Val Kilmer peeking out at people in the autograph den, he was waving at people and trying to get people from the Jim Davis line over to see him, his line was depressingly small, hes one of those actors that appeal to even the non nerds.  There was a family done up as the Incredibles including a just started crawling Jack Jack, and he kind of zeroed in on my tail again but he didn't get very far LOL but it kept him occupied while the mom fixed a bit of a costume malfuntion on the older kid and I don't mind entertaining a kid for a couple minutes.

my sister and i ended up giving an interview and so that was a bit aauuh moment lol cause they kind of ambushed us.
John Barrowman was also wandering around con space again, and no one spotted him :P I kind of wish we stayed for his event, but we ended up being done with everything around five pm and ended up just heading out

 I also apparently have the Whimsical Whiskers logo tattoo'd on my back. we walked by their booth and my sister thought they were the Kitlings who were were wondering where they were. And Sis spotted the sign and then realized why  it looked familiar we've never heard of them before yesterday I ended up buying a pair of wings for my Purrmaid
we also got some new tentacle kitties I got the Blucifer DCC Exclusive while my sister got the Cotton Candy one. the loot i and my sister got
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