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Author Topic: Had a lucky day yesterday. Thrift finds and 35th Anniversary Ponies finally  (Read 1101 times)

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What a great score of early G1s. You must have been so excited when you saw them all!  I am super envious of the 35th anniversary ponies.  I don't think they are ever coming to New Zealand.  Major congrats to you for snagging them all :D :D :D
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Offline starstrider

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Look at all that amazing pony loot!!  What a fantastic find, congratulations!  Obviously it was your lucky day, I hope you went out about bought yourself a lottery ticket :D
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Offline Carebearnmbr46

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Congrats!  What a nice haul!  Windy isn’t unfaded or discolored  (still her lovely shade of pale violet)!  She’s my favorite pony!   :lovey: :heart:

Offline Littlesparklepony

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Amazing finds! They seems to be in nice shape too.

Big Congrats!  :)

Offline KittyPinkDreams

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Yes we here in Canada is super slow to getting new toys. Ill be honest I went to Wal Mart and Superstore  in Prince George BC. Therr is like not much left for toys anymore. We have a couple local owned toys stores but things are so highly priced. As for thrifting I agree 2018 has been a brutal year. Have only found a few goodies for G1. But previous last 3 years I had Scored some amazing ponies, like lavender lace, ss twilight, wingers, princess pristina colorswirl ponies, glow n show ponies, big brother ponies. The list goes on. All from Value Village. They know me there, very well. I am sorta special to that place. Lol anyways lovely finds! Do you check kijiji frecuently?

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Congrats on the awesome ponies and the SSC stuff is so cute.
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Offline invaderhorizongreen

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That is an awesome haul there, congrats on such a lucky find.

Offline katrine2309

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Congrats on so much G1 finds! You are lucky! I don’t find G1 in the thrift stores anymore :) Must be an amazing feeling!
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