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Author Topic: Bumblebee movie trailer  (Read 218 times)

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Re: Bumblebee movie trailer
« Reply #15 on: June 07, 2018, 03:06:53 PM »
Aesthetically Bumblebee looks sooo much better than the typical Bayverse robot, but he still has an ugly face. When will the pretty robot faces come back from the war??

They all carefully gave their faceplates to Optimus because they were afraid he'd just rip them off.


Sidenote about The Last Knight, my favorite thing about it was that it spawned this review between Lindsay Ellis and Andre the Black Nerd:
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Re: Bumblebee movie trailer
« Reply #16 on: June 07, 2018, 03:20:33 PM »
I just watched the trailer again and one thing that makes me really happy is that you can follow the transformation sequences.  I could be wrong, but I think Starscream's transformation actually mimics his G1 toy!  The Bayverse transformations just seemed like a bunch of junk moving around until they kind of glommed into a car or whatever.

The Bumblebee trailer also seems to have a lot more genuine emotion in it.  The way Bumblebee was scared of the girl and shielded himself from her really tugged at my heartstrings.

I wonder who they will get to voice Starscream (assuming that is him and assuming he speaks).  Sadly his G1 voice actor, Chris Latta, passed away years ago.  I wouldn't complain if they used Steve Blum (TFP Starscream) though!

Yeah the transformations look really good. What about the guy who voiced him in Prime? He gave him a very sleazy voice.
That guy was fantastic, wouldn't mind if it was. There is talk about other Transformers being it and I'm hoping they show up in the next trailer. Yeah, I liked TLK but it totally wasn't what the trailers showed *shakes fist*.

I know he would have his Bug alt mode but damn I wish he had that 69-ish version. I'm a sucker for classic muscle cars. Charlie would appreciate far more than Sam did and don't get me started on Mikalea. Waiting for half the fandom to hate on her because she appears to know her way around a garage and thus would be a threat to their fragile male egos.


Zapper! :rofl:
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