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arena facebook group? sorry if a dumb question...


so apparently I missed the arena is on facebook so is that the way to do nirvana sales and stuff now?  I just read a PM that I was first reply from a few days ago and normally I would think that is the general pace as we all try to balance real and online... but now I am wondering = is the arena linked or are folks only doing sales and trades and such exclusive on FB now?

Guess I am asking as I don't FB, and not really looking forward to reading if that is the trend

so figured I would ask first and say in the meantime even if we are changing up,  I really appreciate this board format and all the pic sharing even amidst all the youtube, instagram, facebook etc media growth

This is the only official Arena group on Facebook: and there are NO Transactions permitted. Any other groups are not associated with the Arena.

The forums here (ie this site) are still very active and not going anywhere. We are not replacing the Arena with Facebook.

I didn't even realise that there was an Arena group on Facebook! 

thanks for clarifying :-) and glad to know :-) (admitting I am so analog in a quantum world some days)


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