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Author Topic: Stranger Things Applejack, G1s, MIB G1 Pretty Parlor, G3s, etc.  (Read 141 times)

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For sale/trade (prices do not include shipping)
Retro Ponies:
MIB Stranger Things Applejack $10.76 (at cost price including tax, have just two one left now, see pic below. (the neck seam on these two is slightly more noticeable than the others I have seen--not lying as neatly flat against the plastic.)
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
MIB scented Moonstone, but has yellowing around neck, free
MIB Bowtie $10.76
MIB Confetti $10.76
I can ship ponies loose with backcard in padded envelope for cheaper shipping. USA shipping $4.81 first class in a padded envelope for loose ponies or $5.66 in box. International shipping is actual cost, to most places are $14.25 (loose in padded envelope) or $24 (in box). Message me with your city/state, country for exact shipping quotes.

MOC So-Soft Cupcake, pony is very flawed—the plastic of her head and ear is very warped on one side (non-display side) and also looks a bit weird on display side, card does not lie flat, pics added soon $99 or make an offer, all reasonable offers considered
MIB Pretty Parlor (Peachy is in poor shape due to spots all over her, outer box is not sealed, but everything inside is brand new/sealed in bag, except Peachy’s bag is an open bag (she still has plastic around her head). Box has water damage in corner.  $55 or make offer
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Tootsie w/ brush - fair, but not bad enough to be custom bait - symbol rub, some marks $3
Baby Moondancer - fair, marks/discoloration, but not bad enough to be custom bait, free
Merriweather (tail washer replaced with plastic cable tie, head turns, very good condition) $8
Spike the dragon (has a lot of rubs/paint loss) $2
Baby Sunribbon head different shade than body $9
Starshine T-shirt from the UK, tried on & washed once, size S $5
Starshine party hats from the 80's, new in bag, might be faded $8
Light switch cover (from early 00's or so, G1 merry go round ponies) $2

G1 Accessories:
Tex’s hat (has ink on inside & a yellow dot outside) $8
Puffy sticker Skydancer (stamped Taiwan on back, backing was cut into a circle to put in an album, but sticker hasn’t been removed from backing) - $5 (shipping included)
Puffy sticker Moondancer (stamped Taiwan on back, backing was cut into a circle to put in an album, but sticker hasn’t been removed from backing) - $5 (shipping included)
Cupcake’s backcard & comb $15 or trade for another backcard
14 Paradise Estate Flowers $23
Paradise Estate 4 pillars for pool, $5

Accessories lot $6:
combs/brushes for MLP Puppy Labrador, comb for so soft Cupcake, Party Gift Pack (or Raincurl or Baby Sparkle Northstar), MLP Kitty Cute Calico
Pink lily barrette from Perfume Puff Palace
pink teddy bear barrette from Perfume Puff Palace
4 white baby pony shoes
MLP white diaper, no box
trophy from show stable
pageant queen dress & purple shoes, good condition
Strike up the band outfit, hat is missing feather, missing baton

Snow El $15
Marshmellow Cocoa $15
Mistletoe $15
or all three winter ponies for $40
Sweetsong faded hair $5
Summer Bloom $10
Desert Rose (price tag residue on box) $12
*starred items might have a odor—they came from other homes and arrived this way so I do not know for sure what the odors are, could be smoke, musty odor, pet odor, etc. It is not noticeable unless putting them close to you to smell them.
*Minty, box in poor shape $3
*Crystal Crown, box in poor shape $4
*Toodleloo $4
*Spring Treat $4
*25th Birthday Celebration set (ponies with words on them Love, Hope, etc.), opened, in box, plastic still in hair. $50 or best offer
Loose G3s:
*Wingsong & baby Goody Gumdrop, still has plastic in hair & accessories, plastic very slightly tacky $2
Strawberry Reef, loose, new, plastic in hair $3

Other G3:
G3 pony accessories 
Soda Float's soda $3

Flipbooks, opened, mint with wrapper/insert/unused code $3 each
G4 Sweetsong $15

Enchanted Kingdom horse Pegasus
(broken leg, leg piece is included, one eye has bad scrape, frizzy hair)
Supernatural 2017 calendar (bent a little, still sealed), Supernatural playing cards & Supernatural Children of Anubis book (this book just came out. It has a torn/damaged corner)
Rainbow Dash McDonalds pony
Starlight Glimmer cutie mark crew McDonalds pony, sealed in bag
Rainbow Brite Starlight eraser, damaged/small piece cut off
101 Dalmatians valentines and a not working squeeze light
small G4 MLP puzzle in dented tin, from Party City
mini Firefly (came with mini book, book not included)

Misc. stuff:
Butterfly spiral bound journal (new)$5
Creative Cats Coloring Book (new)$4
80's Rainbow Brite pencils, sealed $3
*Strawberry Shortcake homemade ornaments, made out of fabric, bought them on etsy, may have slight smoke smell (was like that when I got it) $6
Breyer horses -
Lot of 3 broken leg Breyers with leg pieces (Tobe, Goffert & Arab mare)
Tesoro $20
Promenade $20
Noble Jumper $10
MIB Prancing Arabian Mare from 1980’s, spot on mane $25

Supernatural (the tv show) stuff:
Shoes, brand new, size 8 $12
season 2 trading card w/ Jared’s autograph $100
various shirts including charity ones $5-15, ask for pics
Season 7 guide (crease on cover but new/unread) $2
Scoobynatural large shirt (factory flawed—hair is colored orangish) $5

Want list:
G1 UK Comics #128 & 138, or any others with Cherry Treats. Might be interested in ones with Trickles, Sorbet Surprise or Confetti as well.
MOC non-US Cherry Treats
MOC Cherry Treats w/ yellow ribbon or very clear bubble, Confetti with very clear bubble
MOC Tootie Tails (only looking for a very specific one that I owned in the 90s)
Loose ponies: (Excellent condition, no odors, no haircuts, no rehaired/restored ponies)
Birthflower pony April
Vanilla Treat
Sea Flower
Love Token
Party Time, Pin the tail on the pony & "It's a party!" banner/tablecloth
NBBE European Baby Hearththrob (symbol with wings on hearts)
Red Rooster Australian plush Star Catcher
MIB unscented retro pony Starshine and Moonstone
Puffy or scented stickers, prefer on original backing if possible. Starred ones most wanted.
*Cherries Jubilee, *Galaxy (flat), *Fizzy (flat), Cotton Candy, Bowtie, *Bubbles, *Medley, Twilight, Lickety Split, Heartthrob, Sparkler, Powder,  *Trickles (on original backing only), Pinwheel, Baby Blossom, Baby Cotton Candy, Splasher, Cuddles, Ribbon, Northstar, Wind Whistler, Paradise, Bouncy, Gusty, *Speedy, Whizzer, *Sweet Pop, Sky Rocket, Peach Blossom, Honeysuckle, Lily, Forget Me Not, Baby Gusty, Sleepy Pie
Mommy charm Powder Puff
backcards: any first set big brothers, Baby Glory, any 2nd set Twinkle Eyes, Bangles, Trickles, any rainbow curl pony

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