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Author Topic: Plastic face plush (Monchhichi, Pet Surprise, art dolls & more) - any fans?  (Read 278 times)

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I rediscovered my love for vintage and new plastic face plush critters. I recently found out about Toy of the Year Fur Babies (Bush Babies in UK and EU).
They have a retro design going on that reminds me of Monchhichi and they have a gimmick that lets you control their ear and eye movements.

I fell in love and ordered one immediatly and now I've been looking at other ones and realized how much nostalgia I have for that particular subset of toys.
There are also artists who create their own and sell them through etsy or ebay. Like fantastic Gremlins replicas or own creations.
I also love the kind of art plush doll with a sculpted face, inset eyes and painted.

There are many crazy talented artists out there who create these.

Do you have any plastic/hard faced plushes or art dolls? Retro, new or custom creation?
Please share them with me!
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Oh I haven't been able to find mine for quite a while, but my mother and I collect Monchichis whenever we find them in thrift stores. They were her favorite growing up. I can't blame her! :3