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Author Topic: Cash Paypal Credit Cards Trade (tips; which vendor takes which form of payment)  (Read 1268 times)

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Offline MoonStars

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Since a side discussion has started on the main Fair thread, I thought it might help to have a separate thread to discuss who takes cash/paypal/credit cards, trades; who offers financing (lol JK) etc, and also tips for vendors regarding ways to take payment etc (such as who finds a square to be worthwhile, etc)

To start off, I’m vending, and prefer cash but will accept paypal under the friends and family option only (since it is an in person experience). (Taking paypal enables me to be an enabler, so use this option at your own risk ha ha 😆 ) No straight out credit cards, sorry. I am open to trades, but only for things I am looking for (not much at this point)

I am hearing about the paypal app (on the  main Fair thread), which I have avoided (so many apps, so much intrusion...!), but am thinking it might be a good thing to have for events like this. Any pros and cons?

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Offline pandabear_chan

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I'm vending as well (together with Prideth) and prefer paypal with the friends & family/ gift option. I'll take cash as well of course. I won't have an option for credit card payments, sorry.

As for trades, I'm mainly into selling to reimburse my expenses for this trip but in case I see anything I want, I'll consider trades as well yes.

I have used paypal with a WLAN connection for the fair in 2016 and it was pretty easy - no need to use the app. 

Offline drusilla

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i am vending as well, i accept cash and paypal as gift

if you are looking for anything specific let me know as i try to bring the stuff that will sell as i do not want to bring anything back home with me.

i used paypal on my tablet to pay people at all pony fairs in the past , i am 100 percent more likely to buy huge amounts of stuff if i can pay with paypal. i do not feel comfortable carrying around a lot of cash with me

Offline Foxtale

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Great idea!

As stated previously I will accept cash and paypal (as gift) during the show! :D

The paypal app is a great tool.

Offline Clipper

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I accept cash and credit/debit through PayPal. I don’t think I can accept as a friend and family since I am a registered business in the state of Florida.. Therefore Tax is required on all card/PayPal transactions.

I am open to trades. I am trying to complete my euro g1 collection, and maybe some other vintage toys.

Offline Roogna

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I'm vending and will take cash and pp as friends and family
I will also trade, but my wishlist is small and very specific and limited to g1, g1 nirvana, and g2
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Offline achab1984

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Are there fees now with the friends and Family? I thought that I read that somewhere. :(

Offline kitkatvintage

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Are there fees now with the friends and Family? I thought that I read that somewhere. :(
That is for international transactions with a currency conversion. That may affect some people traveling from outside of the US, but it won't affect buyers & sellers who both have accounts based in US dollars.

Offline shelvesofwhimsy

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I am vending and will take cash, and will also be trying to set up my square reader to accept cards. Otherwise I will also accept paypal under friends and family onsite :)
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Offline Elfpony

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Cash, PayPal, and trades (there's a lot of accessories I'm still looking for) here. I've used the PayPal app for several years and had no issues with it.



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