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Author Topic: G1 and G4 PC please - Chrysalis, MIB Zecora, and a few G1 Princesses/uncommons!  (Read 144 times)

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Hello all! I liiiiive....

I need some swift Price Checks ahead of sale for a few of my collection, please can anyone help out with these?

MIB Zecora - TRU exclusive, glows in the dark, never been out of the box. Box is in VNM condition (a bit dusty)
Chrysalis - first release of brushable Queen Cheeselegs herself from the boxed group, definitely not a fake. Doesn't have her paper 'crown', otherwise as new out of box.

Princess Amethyst - slight playwear, beautiful hair/tinsel, I'd say VGC/VNM
Princess Pearl - as above for Amethyst, br
Princess Amber VARIANT - German version with pink hair and silver tinsel, condition same as Amethyst

UK Magic Star (tootsie pose) - minimal playwear, possible slight hair trim, gorgeous bright colours
UK Baby Nightsong (UK/EU pony) - stunning pink hair, possible slight trim, very minor rub on NDS symbol, DS symbols and general glossy coating are perfect
Twilight - gorgeous clean body, soft/silky main and tail, great eyes, but maybe 60% of her glitter left. Both symbols can be seen; the DS side is more worn.

Baby Chuck-e-cheese - gorgeous clean body, slight rub to NDS symbol, hair trim (tail is about 1" long, mane is about 1.5" long) but this actually suits her?

Baby Gusty (Sparkle Pony) - slightly dry hair, good clear/clean body, good symbols, frontmost foot has a chew mark (!)

TAF Lollipop - Curly hair that is soft and silky, lovely clean body, minor symbol / playwear rubs, main issue is that she has one chewed foot (front hood edge, doesn't reach all the way through the plastic)
Sunshine Pony Main Sail - no idea if her hair 'works', haven't tested her. She's in very good condition, hair slightly dry, on mark on her NDS symbol which I'm going to try and remove (looks like surface dirt)

Windy Wing Sun Glider - symbols lovely, wings are un-creased, hair is a little dry, minor playwear at best.
Windy Wing Moon Jumper - beautifully bright colours, wings, and symbols, has a couple of trailing longer strands in her mane that I have not attempted to clean.

Any help vastly appreciated!
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