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Author Topic: Looking For G1, G2, G4, Dolly Mix, Jem and the Holograms, My Pretty Mermaids  (Read 253 times)

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Here are my wishlists... I am still updating the Lil Litters, Petite Pony, and Dream Beauty sections. Playsets and most upgrades are low priority for me right now. Looking to buy and trade. Hopefully I'll have my trade items posted soon! (:

About condition, for more common G1 ponies I am looking for Near Mint to Mint condition.

I don’t want any ponies that have brown spots or brown discolorations, “pony cancer”, regrind, mildew/ mold smell, or plastic deterioration.

Some flaws that might be ok would be marks on the bottom of hooves or haircuts, especially on more htf ponies.

Ponies and toys I am looking for include G1, International G2, a few G3, G4, Playskool My Pretty Mermaids, Vintage Jem and the Holograms / Misfits Dolls, Mattel Little Pretty Cats and Dogs, Fairy Tail Birds, Shimmers, Popples, Original Care Bears, Dolly Mix Ponies, possibly some Vintage Rainbow Brite items.

I'm also interested in G1 Dream Beauties, Petite Ponies (especially glow in the dark ones), Lil' Litters, and vintage porcelain ceramic G1 My Little Pony statues.

G1 Ponies

My Pretty Pony / Year 1

O My Pretty Pony
O My Pretty Pony (brown)
O My Pretty Pony (pink w/hearts)

(flat feet)
O Snuzzle
O Minty
O Blossom

Year 2

O Earth Ponies
O Blossom (concave hooves)

O Unicorns & Pegasi
O Moondancer

O Rainbow Ponies
O Starshine

O Sea Ponies

O Sealight's green shell

Euro: Surf Dancer

O Playsets/Accessories
O Pretty Parlor
O Show Stable

O Brandy the puppy
O Waterfall

O Sprinkles (lavender body)

O Duck Soup the duck (came with Waterfall)
O Dream Castle

O Majesty  Upgrade

Year 3

O Earth Ponies
O Posey
O Tootsie

O Unicorns & Pegasi
O Sparkler

O Rainbow Ponies
O Starflower Upgrade
O Pinwheel
O Trickles
O Confetti Upgrade
O Flutterbye Upgrade

O Baby Ponies
O Baby Moondancer

O Sea Ponies
O Seabreeze

O Seabreeze's mint green swirl shell

O High Tide's lavender shell

O Whitecap
O Whitecap's pink swirl shell
O Wave Jumper

O Wave Jumper's green swirl shell
O Sea Mist

O Sea Mist's dark pink swirl shell
O Sand Dollar

O Sand Dollar's aqua shell

O Baby Sea Ponies
O Splasher

O Splashers's green/blue turtle float
O Backstroke

aqua/orange fish float

O Sea Star's pink/purple duck float
O Surf Rider

O Tiny Bubbles' yellow/orange duck float
O Sea Shimmer

O Sea Shimmer's purple/green turtle float

O Playsets/Accessories
O Baby Buggy

O Lullabye Nursery

O Megan & Sundance
O Megan (wearing white w/pink dress)

Year 4

O So Soft Ponies
O Buttons Upgrade
O Magic Star Upgrade
O Wind Whistler Mint

O Twinkle-Eyed Ponies
O Gingerbread
O Whizzer
O Sky Rocket

O Baby Ponies with Beddy-Bye Eyes
O Baby Gusty
O Baby Heart Throb

O Flutter Ponies
O Rosedust Upgrade
O Morning Glory Upgrade
O Lily Upgrade
O Peach Blossom
O Forget-Me-Not Upgrade

O Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies
O Sea Shimmer

O Sea Shimmer's purple/green turtle float

O Sunshower's blue/yellow alligator float
O Ripple

O Ripple's green/pink frog float
O Water Lily

O Water Lily's purple/green frog float
O Beachcomber

O Beachcomber's pink/green alligator float

O Party Gift Pack
O Party Time Upgrade/ VNM-Mint

O Megan & Sundance and Molly & Baby Sundance
O Megan (wearing purple floral dress)
O Sundance (So Soft)
O Molly

O Megan & Pony Wear
O Country Jamboree

O Playsets/Accessories
O Baby Tiddly-Winks (Beddy-Bye Eyes; came with Lullabye Nursery reissue)
O Pony Purse (pink)

O Baby Sleepy Pie Upgrade
O Baby Bonnet School of Dance

O Baby Half Note (Beddy-Bye Eyes)
O Paradise Estate

Year 5

O So Soft Ponies
O Angel
O Bangles Upgrade

O Twinkle-Eyed Ponies
O Bright Eyes
O Tic-Tac-Toe
O Quackers

O Twice As Fancy Ponies
O Milky Way (White Stars)
O Love Melody

O Flutter Ponies
O Wingsong Upgrade
O Wind Drifter Upgrade
O Cloud Puff Upgrade

O Big Brother Ponies
O Quarterback
O Slugger
O 4-Speed
O Steamer

O Baby Ponies with First Tooth
O Baby Fifi

O Princess Ponies and Bushwoolies
O Eager (pink)
O Wishful (purple)
O Hugster (mint green)

O Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies
O Wavy
O Surfy's blue/pink alligator float
O Sea Spray

O Sea Spray's green/blue lobster float
O Dipper

O Dipper's aqua/blue turtle float

O Sea Breeze's pink/purple lobster float

O Pony Friends
O Spunky the camel Upgrade

O Slumber Party Gift Pack
O Pink Dreams Upgrade

O Playsets/Accessories
O Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe) Upgrade
O Perm Shoppe
O Pony Purse (purple)

O Soft Sleepy Newborns
O Pink Dreams

Year 6

O Twice As Fancy Ponies
O Yum Yum
O Night Glider
O Munchy

O Brush 'n Grow Ponies
O Bouquet Upgrade
O Ringlets
O Twisty Tail

O Magic Message Ponies
O Cloud Dreamer
O Cuddles
O Windy
O Magic Hat

O Big Brother Ponies
O Chief
O Barnacle Upgrade

O Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies
O Baby Graffitti
O Baby Snippy

O Newborn Twins
O Puddles
O Peeks
O Sandcastle
O Speckle

O Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies
O Foamy

O Foamy's blue/yellow frog float
O Misty

O Misty's purple/orange duck float

O Wavedancer

O Wavedancer's yellow/purple lobster float
O Seashore

O Seashore's orange/blue fish float

O Summer Wing Ponies
O Lady Flutter
O Glow

O Sweetberry Ponies
O Blueberry Baskets
O Raspberry Jam

O Pony Friends
O Cutesaurus the dinosaur Upgrade
O Oakly the moose

O Playsets/Accessories
O Brush Me Beautiful Boutique

O Catnip the kitten (white)
O Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace Upgrade

O Mommy Charms
Any but Happy Dancer!

Year 7
O Candy Cane Ponies
O Lemon Treats Upgrade
O Sugar Sweet Upgrade

O Playtime Baby Brother Ponies
O Baby Paws
O Baby Racer
O Baby Leaper
O Baby Waddles

O Windy Wing Ponies
O Cool Breeze
O Whirly
O Flurry
O Starry Wings
O Moon Jumper

O Sweetheart Sister Ponies
O Flowerburst

O Dance 'n Prance Ponies
O Twirler
O Tap Dancer
O Swinger

O Sparkle Ponies (no symbol on cheek)
O Sky Rocket

O Loving Family Ponies (U.S. sets)
OBaby Bright Bouquet(boy)
O Baby Sweet Celebrations (boy) Upgrade
O Mommy Apple Delight
O Daddy Apple Delight
O Baby Apple Delight (girl)
O Baby Apple Delight (boy)

O Baby Ponies & Pretty Pals
O Baby Stripes
O Baby Pockets

O Scrub-A-Dub Tub
O Show Stable (Home Sweet Home reissue)
O Dream Castle (reissue; lavender)

Year 8

O Tropical Ponies
O Hula Hula Upgrade

O Rainbow Curl Ponies
O Ringlet Upgrade VNM-Mint

O Glitter Sweetheart Sister Ponies
O Sunblossom

O Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies
O Cha Cha
O Sweet Sundrop
O Pretty Belle

O Baby Sparkle Ponies (U.S.)
O Baby Firefly Upgrade

O (Individual Ponies, Playsets)
O Princess Baby Buggy

Year 8 (Dream Beauties)

O Shimmering Beauties
O Crystalline
O Dream Gleamer
O Stardazzle

O Rainbow Beauties
O Morning Glory
O Wind Sweeper
O Sky Splasher

O Showtime Beauties
O Mayfair
O Circle Dancer

O Trim 'n Grow Beauties
O Sheertrimmer
O Mane Waves
O Spritzy

O Sweet Perfume Beauties
O Colormist
O Colorglow
O Song Rider
O Fair Flier

O High Flying Beauties
O Windwalker

Year 8 (Petite Ponies)

O Pretty Pony Parade
O Pink w/ yellow hair; aqua butterfly
O Aqua w/ pink hair; pinkish-purple teddy bear
O Light green w/ yellow hair; crayon (pegasus)
O Magenta w/ aqua hair; white beach ball
O Yellow w/ aqua hair; coral sun
O Blue w/ orange hair; dark pink umbrella
O Dark pink w/ yellow hair; white duck
O Orange w/ purple hair; blue-grey teapot
O White w/ pink hair; purple ice cream cone (pegasus)
O Lavender w/ orange hair; purple ballet slipper

O Sunsparkle Ponies
O Dark pink (will turn to orange) w/ yellow; gold ring
O Cerulean blue w/ pink hair; pale pink ice cream soda
O Orange w/ pinkish-purple hair; pink hot air balloon
O Green w/ light orange hair; pale pink balloons (pegasus)
O Dark purple w/ dark pink hair; yellow perfume bottle

O Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies
O Orange w/ purple hair; turquoise seashell
O Aqua w/ yellow hair;pinkish-purple moon with nightcap
O Gold w/ pink hair; aqua feather
O Purple w/ pink hair; pinkish-purple parasol
O Dark pink w/ blue hair; blue winged heart

O Ponytail Ponies
O Lavender w/yellow hair (curly tail); aqua bow; gold mirror
O Pink w/aqua hair (curly tail); lavender bow; purple brush & comb
O Blue w/dark pink hair (spiral tail); yellow bow; orange clock
O (Pegasus) Yellow w/blue hair (long tail); pink bow; pink pizza
O Yellow w/white hair (curly tail); blue bow; red-orange mirror
O Aqua w/pink hair (curly tail); yellow bow; yellow brush & comb
O Dark pink w/yellow hair (spiral tail); aqua bow; blue clock
O (Pegasus) Bright orange w/aqua hair (long tail); pink bow; pink pizza
O Medium blue w/yellow hair (curly tail); white bow; pinkish-purple mirror
O White w/pink hair (curly tail); lavender bow; light green brush & comb
O Gold w/purple hair (spiral tail); pink bow; aqua clock
O (Pegasus) Pink w/dark pink hair (long tail); yellow bow; light orange pizza

O Petite Pony Homes
O Happy Hearts Cottage
O Puddles
O Whinny Winks Inn
O Little Flitter
O Pony Prints Cabin
O Mittens
O Petite Pony Shoppes
O Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe
O Floater
O Mane Delights Beauty Shoppe
O Misty
O Happy Hoof Market
O Tabby

O Prancing Pretty Carousel

O Whirly

O Topper
O Royal Pony Palace
O Magic Star

Year 9 (Little Ponies)

O Rockin' Beat Ponies
O Tuneful

O Precious Pocket Ponies
O Sweet Pocket
O Bunny Hop

O Teeny Tiny Ponies
O Little Giggles
O Little Whiskers Upgrade

O Secret Surprise Ponies
O Secret Star
O Secret Beauty
O Stardazzle

Year 9 (Petite Ponies)

O Twinkle Ponies
O Dark pink w/blue hair; red-orange bow; blue cupcake
O Dark blue w/coral hair; coral bow; coral party favor
O Pale pink w/chartreuse hair; cerulean blue bow; cerulean blue present
O (Pegasus) Turquoise w/dark pink hair; bright pink bow; light green party hat
O Pale orange w/pinkish-purple mane & dark pink tail; aqua bow; aqua tower
O Pale pink w/aqua hair; light orange bow; green treasure chest
O Yellow w/pink hair; dark pink bow; blue wand
O (Pegasus) Pale pink w/yellow hair; coral bow; yellow crown
O Dark purple w/pink hair (tail is dark pink); bright orange bow; pink radio
O (Pegasus) Pale pink (can turn coral) w/chartreuse hair; medium blue bow; yellow records
O Cerulean blue w/dark pink mane & red tail; yellow bow; coral saxophone
O Orange w/ purple hair; pink guitar symbol; bow color unknown

O Bright Sight Ponies
O Dark pink w/dark red-orange mane & orange hair; purple bow; purple grapes
O Yellow w/pinkish-purple mane & dark pink tail; red-orange bow; red-orange watermelon slice
O (Pegasus) Medium blue w/dark pink mane & red tail; yellow bow; yellow pineapple
O Coral w/indigo hair; dark pink bow; dark pink cherries
O Dark pink w/yellow hair; purple bow; purple heart-shaped sunglasses
O Bright yellow w/indigo hair; light green bow; light green sun above palm tree in frame
O (Pegasus) Bright orange w/dark pink mane & red tail; medium blue bow; medium blue sailboat in front of setting sun
O Purple w/gold hair; bright pink bow; dark pink glass w/fruit slice
O Dark pink w/blue hair; light orange bow; light orange skateboard
O Fuchsia w/yellow mane & chartreuse tail; medium blue bow; medium blue scooter
O Gold w/indigo hair; dark pink bow; dark pink bike
O (Pegasus) Bright yellow w/dark pink mane & red tail; red-orange bow; red-orange roller skate
O Glowing Magic Ponies
O Yellow w/pink hair; turquoise bow; pink bunny slippers
O Pale yellow w/dark pink hair (mane is lighter); turquoise bow; turquoise sheep
O (Pegasus) Purple w/orange hair; aqua bow; aqua clock
O Coral w/blue mane & aqua tail; purple bow; purple bed
O Purple w/pink hair; aqua bow; aqua glow worm
O Dark pink w/ blue hair; yellow bow; yellow teddy bear
O Turquoise w/coral hair; purple bow; purple cradle
O (Pegasus) Pale yellow w/purple hair; coral bow; coral baby bottle
O Aqua w/light pink hair; pink bow; light pink toothpaste & toothbrush
O Pale yellow w/blue mane & turquoise tail; pink bow; pink moon with nightcap
O (Pegasus) Pink w/white hair; turquoise bow; blue candle
O Gold w/indigo hair; coral bow; coral shooting stars

Year 9 (My Little Kitty, Puppy, Bunny)

O My Little Kitty: Li'l Litters
O Cutie Calico (mother)
O blue kitten
O pink kitten
O Dreamy Siamese (mother)

O sleeping kitten

O waving kitten
O Precious Persian (mother)

O gold & white kitten

O white kitten

O My Little Puppy: Li'l Litters
O Lady Labrador (mother)

O purple & white puppy

O purple puppy
O Sweet Spaniel (mother)

O walking puppy

O sitting puppy
O Dalmatian Dots (mother)

O puppy with many spots

O puppy with few spots; blue inside one ear
O Pretty Poodle (mother)

O pink puppy

O blue puppy
O My Little Bunny: Li'l Litters
O Happy Hopper (mother)

O peach baby bunny

O mint green baby bunny
O Fancy Floppy (mother)

O pink baby bunny

O green baby bunny
O Adorable Angora (mother)

O aqua baby bunny

O lavender baby bunny
O Cuddly Cottontail (mother)

O yellow baby bunny

O blue baby bunny

O My Little Kitty: Nursery Families
O Perky Persians (mother)

O peach w/aqua striped kitten

O aqua w/striped kitten
O Sudsy Angoras (mother)

O white w/pink kitten

O pink w/white kitten
O Slumber Time Siamese (mother)

O sitting kitten

O waving kitten

O My Little Puppy: Nursery Families
O Sweet Dreams Poodles (mother)

O purple puppy

O pink puppy
O Funtime Spaniels (mother)

O pink w/aqua puppy

O aqua w/pink puppy
O Scrub-A-Dub Spaniels (mother)

O pink & white puppy

O lavender & white puppy

Year 10
O Fancy Mermaid Ponies
O Baby Sea Shimmer

O Soda Sippin' Ponies
O Chocolate Delight

O (Individual Ponies)
O Bridal Beauty

Special Offers / Mail Order

O Ember, My Beautiful Baby Pony
O (baby blue) Upgrade

O Birthflower Ponies (white/pink):
O Daffodil (March)
O Daisy (April)
O Lily of the Valley (May)
O Poppy (August)
O Cosmos (October)
O Holly (December)

O (Wedding Ponies)

O Satin 'n Lace (dark magenta)
O Satin 'n Lace (So Soft) Upgrade Mint
O Lucky, the Stallion

O Sparkle Ponies (tiny symbol on cheek)
O Twinkler
O Star Hopper (white hair) Upgrade
O Star Dancer
O Sunspot
O Napper (green hair)

O Baby Pearlized Ponies
O Baby Blossom
O Baby Firefly
O Baby Glory
O Baby Moondreamer

O Pretty Mane Ponies
O Scribbles
O Dabble

O Baby Birthday Ponies
O Baby Sugarcake
O Baby Gametime

O Twice As Fancy Baby Ponies
O Baby Sweet Tooth
O Baby Sugarberry
O Baby Love Melody
O Baby Dancing Butterflies

O Valentine's Day Ponies
O (purple w/pink hair) Upgrade

Miscellaneous items (no ponies):
O My Little Pony Fan Club (Year 2)
O My Little Pony Fan Club (Year 5)
O Megan's Place

O (Individual Ponies)
O Stockings, the Holiday Pony
O "Adventures in Ponyland" game
O Baby Blue Ribbon
O Clipper

Dolly Mix Ponies

G3 Dolly Mix Ponies
Sweetie Belle

G1 Dolly Mix Ponies:
Princess Sparkle
Cotton Candy

G4 Friendship is Magic Ponies
Nightmare Moon
Zecora Glow in the Dark
Apple Bloom
Glimmer Wings Rarity
Large Princess Luna

G3 My Little Ponies
Crystal Lace
MLP Fair 2010 Green Art Pony
MLP Fair 2011 Orange Art Pony

Playskool My Pretty Mermaids
Gem Bright Mermaids
 Twinkle Tide (Purple Hair)

Rainbow Mermaids
Wave Dancer Upgrade
Rainbow Beauty Upgrade

SunSparkle Mermaids
Sea Swirl Upgrade
Beach Comber Upgrade

Jem and the Holograms and Misfits Dolls
Glitter n Gold Jem Puffy Scarf


Starlight Girls:

Rockin’ Roadster Car
KJEM Rock on Guitar
Glitter n Gold Roadster


Pocket Popples:

Perfume Pets (Babies):

Picture Pet Babies:
Cherry Petal

Baby Tee Hee**
Baby Waggle

Show Off Kitties
Cherry Belle*
Heaven Heart

G1  Plushies/ Softies/ PJ Pals
(I don't collect open mouth versions!)
Cherries Jubilee
Trickles PJ pal

G2 My Little Ponies

I'm looking for international G2's,
this is my perferred list but feel free to contact me
if you have some international ones not on my list. (:

Hip Holly
Princess Crystal
Princess Trixiebelle
Baby Tickle Heart
Baby Sun Beam
Baby Honey Berry
Baby Fern
Baby Dew
Baby Swirly!!!
Baby Twinkles
Dart and Dash
Drifter and Dreamer
Polka and Dot
Stardust and Moondust
Prince Firefly
Jewel and Sparkle
Sweetheart and Trueheart
Princess Fire and Princess Flame
baby Flitter
princess Silver Rain
Night Star - Changing mane and tail (With both mane's and tails)
Baby Petal
Princess Sapphire!
Lady Waterfall
Golden Glow
Silver Glow
Copper Glow!!!
Prince Fauna
Eve (Dolpin)!!
Magic Butterfly
Magic Dragonfly
Magic Diamond Glow
Sunshine and Sunny Twins
Rose and Lily
Rumba and Samba
sailing boat
baby pony (came w/ mansion)

Also, looking for Fairy Tail Birds

(International) G1 My Little Pony

Alternate Variations:
O Varations to Little Ponies:
O Bow Tie (straight-head)
O Moondancer (yellow)
O Woosie (lavendar)

O Variations to Rainbow Ponies:
O Confetti (Wedding Bells; Parasol's pose)
O Starshine (Surprise's pose)
O Skydancer (Earth Pony)

O Non-So Soft Ponies
O Buttons
O Shady
O Magic Star
O Wind Whistler
O North Star
O Truly
O Paradise
O Cupcake

O Non-Beddy-Bye Eyed Baby Ponies
O Baby Gusty
O Baby Heart Throb
Baby Buttons (Upgrade)

O Princess Ponies with Baby Dragons
O Fiery (red)
O Smokey (blue)
O Prickles (green)
O Sparks (pink)
O Flash (yellow)
O Spiny (purple)

O Starlight Baby Ponies
O Baby Explorer
O Baby Nightsong

Early International Ponies
O Early Ponies (adults and babies)
O Gypsy
O Baby Hopscotch

O Sea Ponies
O Surf Dancer

O Rainbow Ponies
O Raindrop
O Night Light

O Mountain Boy Ponies
O Thundercloud
O Lightening
O Ice Crystal
O Sunburst
O Fireball
O Tornado

O Activity Club Baby Ponies
O Baby Fun 'n Games

O Loving Family Ponies (baby ponies not sold in the U.S.)
O Baby Sister Sweet Celebrations
O Baby Brother Bright Bouquet

O (Ponies who came with Playsets/Accessories)
O Cascade (with UK Waterfall)
O Prettybow (with German Pretty Parlor)
O Tutti Frutti (with Birthday Party)

1990 Ponies
O Flower Ponies
O Tulip
O Snowdrop
O Bluebell
O Daffodil

O Schooltime Ponies
O Play Time
O Sports Time
O Music Time

O Playschool Baby Ponies
O Baby Schoolbag
O Baby Alphabet

O (Individual Ponies)
O Rosette, the Prize Day Pony
O Sweet Clover, the Picnic Pony

1991 Ponies
O Romance Ponies
O Love Letter
O Love Token
O Love Story
O Love-In-a-Mist

O Cookery Ponies
O Cherry Sweet

1992 Ponies
O My Little Pony Tales
O Starlight
O Sweetheart
O Melody
O Bright Eyes
O Patch
O Clover
O Bon Bon

O Rollerskates Ponies
O Melody
O Hip Hop
O Jazzie

O Hair-do Ponies
O Starlight
O Bangles
O Beautiful Bows

O Sweet Kisses Ponies
O Kiss 'n Tell
O Candy Kisses
O Kiss & Make Up
O Best Friends Ponies
O Spot
O Baby Katie
O Kitty
O Baby Billie
O Bunny

O Nesthäckchen-Baby-Ponys
O (yellow; name unknown)
O Baby Blubberchen (pink)
O Baby Würfelchen (blue)

O Bedtime Newborns
O Moondream
O Sunset

O Family Friends/Family Babies
O Daddy Berrytown
O Mommy Berrytown
O Baby Berrytown
O Daddy Meadowsweet
O Mommy Meadowsweet
O Daddy Sunbright
O Mommy Sunbright

1993 Ponies
O Sweetie Babies
O Baby Candy
O Baby Licorice

O Seaside Babies
O Splish (orange)
O Splash (green)
O Splosh (pink)

O Jewellrey Babies
O Baby Sapphire
O Baby Diamond

O Great Hair Ponies
O Ringlets
O Highlights

O Nurse Ponies
O Nurse Tenderheart
O Nurse Sweetheart
O Nurse Loveheart

O Surprise Newborns
O Baby Bouncy
O Baby Cuddles
O Baby Snoozy

O Surprise Twins Pony
O with her two babies

1995 Ponies
O Dutch Alternate Varations
O Delphine Pony (alt. to Baby Sunbright)
O Rabbit Pony (pegasus alt. to Baby Billie)
O School Pony (alt. to Baby Schoolbag)
O Flower Pony (Baby Blumen; alt. to Baby Diamond)
O Cat Pony (alt. to Baby Katie)
O Singalong Pony (alt. to Melody)
O Star Pony (alt. to Starlight)
O Shell Pony (alt. to Mommy Sunbright)
O Love Pony (alt. to Kiss 'n Tell)
O Diary Pony (alt. to Bright Eyes)
O Hart Pony (alt. to Sweetheart)
O Butterfly Pony (alt. to Mommy Meadowsweet)
O Candy Pony (alt. to Bon Bon)

G1 My Little Pony Nirvana/ Variant Ponies:
Italian walking Pose Windy

Other Italian Ponies, let me know what you have
Piggy Ponies (Adults made in Spain w/ Beddy-Bye Eyes)
Any Takara Japanese Ponies
Argentina Sparkle Ponies
Flutterby Uni
Flutterby shy Pose
Argentina Rockin Beat Orange Half Note
Argentina Christmas Pony (Felicades) White earth pony,
Green/Red hair, Posey’s pose, 2 candy canes w/ green bow
Green Baby Confetti***
German Sky Dancer (Posey's Pose)
German Starshine
...And many more!

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I have a few of the G2's that you are looking for in my sales post. Lots of pictures in the links- i know it isn't the best system, but it works!

I also have a brown pretty pony, but she needs some work- seam is splitting, will need her hair put back in- but I don't know what they are worth.
Thanks so much to Calico_Star for her beautiful work on my Avatar!
**want list**  **for sale**

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Thanks! I'll check them out! (:

Offline Stiletto

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PMing you now about a few ponies I have from your list :)

Offline Vintageg2

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I have quite some g2s for sale, feel free to pm me :)
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I'd love to trade! Please let me know what you have .... I have tons of stuff from your list!

Offline firestar0629

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I have quite a few of these! Check the sales list in my signature!

Here's a link to Seashimmer with her floatie: