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Anyone remember a shortlived cartoon and toy line called Dino Riders?  I'm an old person, but a few weeks ago I recalled a vague memory of a pterodactyl toy with a human using the reptile like a hang glider.  I started googling and rediscovered the Dino Riders!  Seeing the photos, memories came flooding back!  My brother and I had at least four of the figures in the series.  I now remembered flying around the woods near my house for hours with two of the pterodactyl figures.
Well, I'm excited now because I just won an auction that has four of the figures, three of which are my childhood ones!  Its just the dinos, none of the human riders or gear, but I'm still so excited! 
I will post pictures once they get here!

I don't remember the show, but I found some really cool dinosaurs at a yard sale and picked up a couple on the spur of the moment thinking they might make good gifts/donations.  Then I looked them up and found out they are Dino Riders (and really not suitable for what I was originally intending).  The Stegosaurus is particularly nice and works well.  If you think you might be interested in them just send me a message as I wasn't planning on keeping them but hadn't quite figured out what to do with them.

Pm sent.  Thanks Breyer600

My sister and I had like ten different toys and we watched the cartoon a lot (it was a pretty decent cartoon). I still have a lot of the dinosaurs and couple riders, but the armor and weaponry is another thing. While the dinosaurs and riders were pretty sturdy, the armor and weaponry were made of rather fragile plastic with lots of hinges and moving parts that broke easily (or got lost). Maybe if I had played with them when I was a bit older, I would have been more careful, but I was around five or six years old when these toys came out and my clumsy hands weren't able to handle the fragile armor with proper gentleness.

When I was a kid, I really wanted one of the big ones, either the tyrannosaurus rex or the brontosaurus (who came with Serena, the only female in the show), but my parents wouldn't get me the expensive ones. When the neighbor kid got the t-rex I was so jealous...  until I saw the actual toy. It was dull gray, not the beautiful green and orange beast seen on the cartoon and on the brand logo. This disappointment in show-versus-toy difference was the pink Celestia of my childhood, hehe...

My brother had a few of them too, and I remember the Pterodaktyl vividly!
I used to steal them from him to include in my Jurassic Park herd in 1993, and I think they are still in that box.
I have some very fond memories here too. They were quite pricey on ebay, last time I checked.


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