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Author Topic: Clearout Sale - Multiple Gens $1 - $5 on ponies [not counting shipping]  (Read 163 times)

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I have too much stuff so I'm clearing out my old Etsy Stock that never got sold

How shipping will work is each package will have a base price of $3 and then after that each additional pony or item will add $1 unless stated otherwise
Shipping cost that doesn't directly go to shipping, will go to packaging for your order instead

Stock Details- These ponies are all old stock that I was in the process of cleaning and restoring, but never got around to completing. The majority of the modern ponies are in very good condition and only need their hair washed, some may carry minor scuffs or marks that I may have missed, but any major damage will be listed and reflected by the prices. Ponies with electrical features have not been tested and I can't guarantee they still function. I have done no research on the ponies listed so just tell me the names of the ones you are interested in and some image searches will tell me which they are.

Prices not including shipping-
Small Ponies: $1 Each
or $10 for entire lot

Prices not including shipping-
Mdonald's ponies: $1 Each
Bag: $3
or $10 for entire lot [Plus bag] 

Prices not including shipping-
Regular Ponies: $3 

Prices not including shipping-
Candy Tins: On Hold
Rainbow Dash Button: 50 cents
MLP Yahtzee: $10
Pinkie Pie Plush: $2
Twilight Sparkle Plush: $6
Fluttershy Plus: $6
Valentines: -Sold

Other items, ponies, G1s/G4s to be added later

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Re: Clearout Sale - Multiple Gens $1 - $5 on ponies [not counting shipping]
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2018, 09:28:06 AM »
Can't see the photos.

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Re: Clearout Sale - Multiple Gens $1 - $5 on ponies [not counting shipping]
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2018, 04:28:59 PM »
Your photos wont work

Photobucket no longer allows outside linking so it wont work on the Arena. Ive switched over to other folks are using imgur, theres lots of alternatives.
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