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Author Topic: Do you ever find random accessories you can't figure out what it goes to?  (Read 152 times)

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Offline Neon Sparkle

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The last time I moved again a few months ago, as I was packing my Pony stuff away I realized my Fluttershy train car was missing one of the little ice creams that goes into the 4 slots inside of it. I looked everywhere on the shelf it was on, looked to see if it fell into some other pony stuff that was around it and tore my whole bed apart trying to find it, and then I realized that shortly after I first moved into that house and unpacked my stuff, I had found a random toy accessory which at that time I couldn't have identified if my life depended on it. I had no idea what toy it went to or if it even belonged to anything I owned at all. for all I knew it was something a kid randomly dropped at work and I had picked it up and put it in my scrub pocket, but thankfully I had the presence of mind to throw it into one of the boxes I keep Pony accessories in on the chance that I ever figured out what it was, and sure enough when I looked in that box there was a little ice cream cone that I was able to identify online as the one that was missing from the train car.

Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?

Offline Foxtale

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My life is full of random accessories. I sometimes find things that I have no idea if they are even pony but hold onto until they can be identified ... just inc ase it is pony and I forgot. XD

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Forget accessories, try tiny ponies. I went home for Christmas and I couldn't find the baby sea pony Sun Twist anywhere in my bedroom. Her accessories were on the shelf where I left them, but that shelf is above the bin. For a terrifying moment I thought she'd fallen from the shelf into the bin and been thrown out.

...THEN I eventually found her in the G1 cupboard, sitting smugly under Buttons' hoof. Don't really remember putting her there, but those things are so tiny, they're really easy to lose track of.

As for my accessories, I keep those all in a box now. Before that? Absolutely everything went missing at least once. Some of it is still missing. I found my childhood dance and prance pony boa in the attic of my old doll house, and I still don't know where one of her earrings has gone...
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Oh yeah... I have a small box I keep random bits of plastic in, because you NEVER KNOW...
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