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Author Topic: (Aside from Ponies) What Are the Strange Things You Treasure from Your Childhood  (Read 465 times)

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I was a very weird kid.  While most kids watched hours of cartoons, I watch hours of the Weather Channel (I watched cartoons as well but a lot more Weather Channel).  Anyway, I loved the old WeatherSTAR 4000 icons, and I finally found the old set in gif form this month.  It takes me back to those days of watching Local on the 8's.

So, I'm asking you, what weird things do you love from your childhood.
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I have a Wendy's Kids Meal toy of Alf from his cartoon series in a suit of armor holding the helm in one arm while standing on top of a crocodile that has one eye open. Kinda weird it's been with me so long but it has.^^
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Analog audio, mostly tapes (we had some records as well but the turntable gave out long before the tape deck did), I always found the warm sound and faint hiss on tapes to be strangely calming as a kid and it still chills me out now. I really loved the little inlays as well for some reason, it was nice to go through my dad's tapes and look at the artwork on them. As an adult, the first tape I got to start my collection was a Mindfunk album which is a great album and all, one of my favourites, but the artwork on it just plain fascinated me when I was a kid. There's a blue lotus on the back of the card that I just couldn't get enough of back then and it still has a special place in my heart. I distinctly remember being super into a Pearl Jam album as well because of the tiny booklet in the tape box, although the weird imagery in that little book didn't have the same compelling aura of mystery when I revisited it as an adult.
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Stapler pullers. This kind specifically:

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I would take them from my dad's office and play with them. I used to pretend they were toothy monsters. I still have the originals that belonged to my dad back then, plus a few that I've picked up here and there.

When I look at them I still see a sharp toothed creature :lol:
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I've got a stuffed toy cat from childhood. Apparently it was a Persian once, but became a domestic short hair after I gave her a hair cut. There are a couple other stuffed dolls from back then that I treasure, even if I can't remember why.

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When I look at them I still see a sharp toothed creature :lol:

Same, though I never seriously played with them, I did enjoy snapping those sharp teeth open and closed - they make a very satisfying 'shkk' sound!

I have three very well loved bookmarks I bought in kindergarden, at the book fair. 
One stegosaurus Dinobot Transformer, mostly intact though missing some bits of his tail. 
My original orange Puzzle Popple, which I can remember taking to school for nap time.
A carved rock turtle from an old church sale,
My sticker collection, which is currently in the process of moving into its third book (the previous two having fallen to pieces).
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I think my most treasured item as a child was my Ty Wilbur plushie from Charlotte's Web. I was absolutely obsessed with the book when I was five or six (This was when the love action movie came out) and that Wilbur was everything to me. I slept with him every night, took him to school with me on a few occasions, and I might have even played with him outside a few times. He went from being pink and fluffy and is now very gray and grubby. Normally I hate seeing how I beat up my old toys but in this case I love seeing how much I enjoyed such a simple stuffed pig, and I'm glad I still have him and his goose friend who didn't recieve nearly as much love.
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Those small hollow western plastic horses.  They were great all weather, durable toys.
I was also obsessed with ants, bamboo, vegetable gardens and melting crayons.

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When mom moved from my childhood home I had to go through all my old stuff to see what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to donate. What I brought with me back home was all my stuffed animals, my Barbie and Sindy dolls, a robot that walked and had flashing lights and sounds, my wheeled telephone (same one which helps the toys in Toy Story 3) and my doll house, my booklets with bookmarks. They're all in my collectionsroom now along with my childhood books. :) None of those are strange tho.. I do have what looks like a bark frame from a spruce. I'm guessing it sat around a twig hole on the three. My little brother found it when we were kids and gave it to me and I still keep it on my nightstand.
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