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Author Topic: Looking for the following... *edit* have Ninetales trading card and other stuff  (Read 579 times)

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Offline PCBabySunribbon

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Hi guys! Not sure exactly how much anything is worth as I just got back into collecting after a long hiatus, however here goes...

I'm currently looking for any of the following:
-G1 Merry Go Round Flower Bouquet
-G1 Merry Go Round Sunnybunch
-G1 TE Fizzy
-G1 flutterpony Rosedust
-G2 Silver Swirl
-G2 beanies
-interesting G2 merchandise

The ponies can be in played-with condition, as long as there is no mould/age spots on them anywhere. G2 beanies must be clean and in good condition, though.

In return, I have the following MLP stuff:
-three MIP G2 1999 European McDonalds toy playsets (specifically Silver Swirl + castle, Sweet Berry + heart box, Morning Glory + carry case)
-one G3 McDonalds Butterscotch (good condition)
-one G2 hanging organizer (good condition - from an Aussie showbag) (I would prefer to keep this if possible, but am willing to trade for the right pony)
-one Loyal Subjects Sundance figure (new)
-two retro G1 notebooks (new)
-one MOC G4 (?) Playskool Friends Moon Dancer and Minty

I am willing to trade those items with anyone living in Australia or the USA. (I live in Australia.)

Additionally, if anyone located in Australia is interested in trading ponies for Disney merch, I have an MIB Disney Store Toddler Elsa doll (approx 40cm tall) from a few years back which I would be willing to trade for ponies of equivalent value. (I'm pretty sure it's a Disney Animator's Collection doll, but it doesn't say so on the box - it's just decorated with the Frozen theme. It does have the Disney store logo on it. I think I bought this about 2013/2014?) I know from experience that these dolls can be difficult to get in Australia! (I am not willing to trade the Elsa doll to anyone outside Australia, though, because of the tremendous shipping costs involved.)

If you have a pony (or ponies) which you think is/are worth the same value as the Elsa doll that's not on my list, feel free to ask if I'm interested!

Anyway, PM me if you want to trade! I can email photos to anyone who wants pics. :)

ETA: I also have the 1998 G2 MLP: Friendship Gardens PC game (CD-ROM) for Windows 95/98 -  I don't know if anyone would be interested, though? Also, I cannot guarantee it still works as I don't have a compatible OS/hardware to test it on.

ETA (16 Dec '17): Also have a Skydancers hair decoration (figure is missing its brushable ponytail, has some small paint rubs) and a random assortment of 1990s Polly Pocket and Starcastle figures if interested. The Starcastle figures include the animal figures from the pink By the Sea playset, seahorse figure from the pale Under the Sea playset, duck and doll figures from pink Sunshine Kaleidoscope Starcastle locket, plus one doll figure I think is from the Bubble Castle playset?? If someone wants any of those figures I would be glad to get them off my hands to someone who wants them - so please inquire if interested!

ATA: 19 Dec 17: I also have a Pokemon Ninetales (12/102) trading card for any Pokemon collectors out there.
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Is USA shipping particularly cheaper than other countries? I ask cuz I have a g2 puzzle but it's barely worth its own shipping cost within the US.
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